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The Upper Class Outcasts of Pekkola

Although they may mock and jeer, we the Tulipers shall not kneel. When freedom and happiness have been achieved, all the world's suffering shall be relieved.
— Anonymous Tuliper
  The Tulipers are a group of outcasts who've left their homes to enjoy life with likeminded individuals. Such groups consist of artists, writers, intellectuals, and other well-educated people from wealthier families all across Pekkola. They live unconventional lifestyles and are associated with unorthodox views on society and politics. While some admire their decision to strike out in the world to live as they will, others consider them irresponsible wandering vagabonds who are of no benefit to society as a whole.  

Lifestyle and Beliefs

Tulipers live in colourful communes in large towns and those who wander reside in makeshift camps. They abide by an underlying code, and whenever a decision needs to be made, it is done so by a consensus vote. Tuliper communities have high social cohesion, and they do their best to make their neighbourhoods better.   They lack hierarchical leadership, but many of their communes do have speakers who negotiate on the community's behalf with government entities who wish to infringe on their liberties. Wondering bands may choose a pathfinder from their ranks who will determine where to take the group next. If any member of the band disagrees with one of their decisions, the whole group will have to vote on their next course of action.  

Core Beliefs

  • Everyone has a right to voice their opinion
  • No one is beyond criticism
  • Love comes before political gain
  • Creative and intellectual pursuits are to be encouraged, no matter the subjects involved
  • All are free to worship who- or whatever they wish
  • The lives of all men, women, and children are equally precious
  • Enforcing one's authority over another is a violation of rights
  • Violence shouldn't be used to settle disputes, unless those involved consent to a fair duel
Tuliper Art


Those who decide to embrace the Tuliper way of life are almost always from the upper classes of society. The youth, especially, find their ways enticing, often allured by the sense of freedom that comes with their movement. Older Tulipers are less common as most who end up in relationships and have children reintegrate into normal society so that they could better support their offspring.   Aeths, Ceireds, and the Vakner are the ethnicities that make up the majority of all Tulipers as the movement is prominent in many of their largest cities.   While those that live in communes are mostly homogenous, the wandering bands of Tulipers can be very ethnically diverse as they pick up members from all across Pekkola.
Founding Date
233 AU

Connection to Tulips

  When the Tulipers first assembled in 233 AU, they all decided to sew a patch with a red tulip somewhere on their clothes. This allowed them to identify each other and helped reinforce a sense of belonging.   The red tulip was chosen because the gathering was held near a field of tulips. Over the years, people have tried associating all manner of different legends to the decision.   Tulipers proudly display the flower on their clothes, paint it on their houses, and wave white and red tulip banners.

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Jul 3, 2020 21:26 by Matthieu A.

Count me in.   Also somehow I wasn't following Pekkola already.

Jul 3, 2020 22:12 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

The Tulipers sound great. I love their core beliefs!

Jul 6, 2020 16:16 by Stormbril

I love this group, they seem really wholesome -- and they've got a great set of core beliefs! Also seems realistic, with the "..others consider them irresponsible wandering vagabonds who are of no benefit to society as a whole. " part. That'd definitely happen in real life too, haha :(   I really like the flag, and the imagery of sewing a red tulip onto ones clothes.

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