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Lovhad (translating to "Circle of the Devil" in Novanatian) is not actually referring to the Devil as an entity, but rather the Tarot card and the corresponding God-creature known as Ezika (which translates to "the Devil" in Novanatian). The group known as Lovhad considers itself "a collection of the most devout and loyal followers of Ezika, the only true followers of Ezika in this world." This group, however, is far from peaceful, and generally push the boundaries of what is considered socially acceptable where they are located.   Founded within the continent of Adwaelaerd (translation: "land of the Devil and the Tower" in Novanatian), Lovhad as a group has spread all throughout Novanati, though thinly and sparsely on each continent. They are very much a counter-culture within Novanati, though not only due to their numbers, of course. The main difference between those who follow the rules of Lovhad versus those in what is considered normal Novanatian culture is that Lovhad followers have very clear, strong gender roles and many adhere to the strict gender binary considered archaic and useless by most Novanatian creatures.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Family names are almost always, save for very few cases, passed down through the father. Family names are normally a reflection on where the family is from, or where the majority of their bloodline calls home within the continent or country they are from. Although family names can be changed, especially if the owner of the name no longer has a connection with their family, it is most certainly considered taboo in this culture. It is also not something that is taken lightly. If a new family name is required, it must be bestowed upon the owner by the reigning Elder of their village, town, or other place of residence. Once it has been given, it cannot be changed, or else the owner of the name risks excommunication from the entire community, as well as Lovhad itself.


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