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Within most cultures, there are those that sit in direct opposition of the majority. In the world of the Elves, this is no different
— Hajar Stoutsong, renowned explorer and chronicler.

Elven Society

The Elven Capital city of Irallien lies in the south west of Aldenia. The Elves there, known as High Elves, are an insular society. Even with their lengthy lifespans, they rarely leave the confines of their city and those that do barely go further than the woods beyond their walls. Since the end of the Cataclysm War, there has not been a cause to even send their military forces into the world. For most, life starts and ends in Irallien.   In fact, most Elven cultures operate in a similar manner. The Jungle Elves of southern Suriima rarely leave their own city other than to hunt and even the Wood Elves in Aldenia tend to stick to their own little groups in the Elderwood. Whilst there are examples of similar behaviour amongst the Dust Elves of Maressea to the east, notably in the elven of Falerond, the Elves that remained in the Maressean capital of Ialos are perhaps one of the most outwardly thinking races in the world.  


Faes'Forai translated from the Elven language to roughly mean 'Beyond Elves' (most literally 'Furthest Elves'). There are some amongst the population of Irallien that desire nothing more than to leave the city and wander the world beyond. This mentality sits in stark contrast to most of the High Elves and for some families there, leaving can almost constitute the same as being banished for those that do. However, naturally, this does not stop particular impetuous individual from going out and travelling the world.   Perhaps ironically, if were not for certain Elves' desire to leave and travel far and wide, there would be societies of Elves in other continents such as Suriima since the early expeditions from Aldenia featured individuals from all species but it was the Elves who travelled furthest south in Suriima and set up what is now under the control of the Quitapha Dynasty.

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