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The Nanptad are a sub-culture among the Kaushan. The primary feature that sets them apart is that rather than worshipping the patron gods of the Kaushan (Yiba, the goddess of earth, stone, and the desert; Tikai Īki, the goddess of oceans, lakes, rivers, and water; and Dīnauvai, the goddess of life and light), the Nanptad worship Dīkishŗau, the god of wisdom. As a result, they tend to seek knowledge for knowledge's sake, in order to better honor Dīkishaŗau.   The Nanptad took their name from an insult, an abbreviated form of a phrase meaning "we try". They decided to embrace the name and adopted it for themselves.   The Nanptad generally live among the Kaushan. However, they have their own customs and rituals.


Shared customary codes and values

  1. Knowledge is to be earned.
  2. Once earned, knowledge is to be shared.
  3. One can never be perfect, yet one should try to attain perfection.
  4. One should always be humble.
  5. All gods are worthy. Yet all gods but Dīkishŗau are like mortals—still seeking perfection.

Common Etiquette rules

A common gesture is to hold out one's open hands, palm up; bow the head slightly; and say "Sha ptad," meaning "I try". This is a sign of humility and an admission of imperfection.

Historical figures

  • Nauŗīk Vaishir, the first Kirit Vaushil was a Nanptad. All subsequent Kirit Vaushilash have been Nanptad.
  • Ŗaishal Doqa became the chief historian for the Kingdom of Kiŗaun.
  • Parent ethnicities

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