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Nauŗīk Vaishir

Nauŗīk Vaishir was a lifelong friend of Badnīl Qau and appointed as the first Kirit Vaushil of the Kingdom of Kiŗaun. In this role, he began recording and organizing the myths and legends of the Kaushan, especially as related to the skies and stories told by the heavens.   When he was six, Nauŗīk's parents will killed by something. He and his older brother (age 8) and younger sister (age 3) were adopted by Badnīl Qau's uncle. Nauŗīk and Badnīl became friends, generally treating each other as brothers. Badnīl, being the more gregarious of the two, often defended Nauŗīk while growing up as Nauŗīk was always the dreamer, looking to the stars for friends more than to those around him. But Badnīl took inspiration from Nauŗīk, seeing his friend's dreams as something to be protected and embraced. He also relied on Nauŗīk's reading of the stars to help guide his path forward.   As he grew into adulthood, Nauŗīk learned about books. He spent much time away from his family and tribe in the great libraries of King's University, as well as visiting lesser known but well respected libraries among the elfs and with Onlen's Library. He learned much, and always came back to his tribesman (and Badnīl) with excited retelling of the stories he had learned. It was this enthusiasm for recorded history that caused Badnīl to give Nauŗīk the job of Kirit Vaushil within his kingdom.   Nauŗīk took to his new responsibilities with the same enthusiasm he had taken to learning. He travelled across the kingdom, talking to elders of every tribe, recording their stories of their people, the stars, the myths, and the legends of the Kaushan. He painstakingly organized and sorted these stories and placed official copies within the Dīkoyai i Toshauvi, but also ensured that the recordings were provided back to those who had given him the information. And to Badnīl's desire to have those "stories recorded for all to know, even those who have no father or mother who is Kaushan," Nauŗīk made sure to deliver copies to all the great libraries that had given him inspiration before.   But recording the histories was only part of what Nauŗīk did. He also aspired to sort the stars and read the future.
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