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Onlen's Library

Onlen Ninatnlat maintains an extensive collection of books in her library. It is perhaps the largest library currently in existence.   The library is built inside a pocket realm, and with great magical protections, most of which no one but Onlen knows about. It is designed for her access. As such she has something of a waiting room at the main entrance of the library, which is at the top of a built-in ladder from the first floor of her home.

Purpose / Function

Onlen created her library to hold as many books and other writings as she could collect.


Onlen has built her libray in way that can be best described as futuristic. Long, tall units made of an unidentified material have a dozen or more shelves. Rows and rows of them stretch to the point that they can no longer be seen.   The outside of the library is her home.


Onlen first started construction of her library in 1865 CT, as a place to house her growing collection of histories and "lost" books. Using her abilities, she adventured about the globe, venturing into places and times few others would dare travel alone.   Over time, the library grew beyond the confines of her living space among the other Osnlil. She constructed a new home in the port city of Rozhchuesh, where she could come and go without much notice and where she could watch and communicate with travelers, always looking for new books. She built the library proper into the second floor of the house, but also within a Pocket Realm so that she could expand it with impunity.   Onlen continues to populate her library. She has books and documents that no one else has seen for millenia, or have yet to see.
Founding Date
1865 CT
Parent Location


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