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Onlen's Home

Onlen Ninatnlat lives in an unusal home in Rozhchuesh.   There are three stories to the building: the ground floor, the library, top floor or Onlen's living quarters.  

First Floor

The first floor consists of a small sitting area with a table and chairs at the entrance, a small kitchen area through an open doorway, a washroom, and a slightly larger living room area for entertaining larger groups or relaxing.   When desired, there is a ladder to the second floor through a small opening over the kitchen, There is a ladder to Onlen's living quaters that appears when needed in the living room. It, too, has a small opening that, if you consider the overall layout, lead to nowhere.  

Second Floor

The second floor is the home of Onlen's Library. There is magic shielding on the door and a waiting area above, that, while making the entirety of the library visible, prevents access to it.   The waiting area consists of two minimal chairs and a lecturn, on which books to be reviewed are placed.  

Third Floor

The third floor is Onlen's living quarters. She rarely lets anyone up here. Access is through the ladder and opening on the first floor, through warped space, to the open lounge area. In addtion, there is a bedroom and a washroom.

Purpose / Function

This is Onlen's home. It also houses the access to her library.


This might be considered brutalist archecture. It is three rounded-corner rectangular boxes stacked one on top of the other. All three are the same size. The middle one is offset halfway to the left of the other two, leaving extensive overhangs. It is made of a material unknown to this place and time.
Founding Date
1865 CT
Parent Location
Included Locations

Cover image: Scotland Cliffs by Frank Winkler


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