The Order of the Invisible Shield

In these worlds there exist things that no one should understand simply because they are meant to be non-understandable. It is because the gods themselves have deemed them too powerful, too dangerous for mortal understanding.   In times like these, when people want to chase things and knowledge that is dangerous and powerful, they tend to unknowingly play with chaos and destruction. We, our order, the Invisible Shield exist to protect the Realms from those who chase power, from those who believe they can become as Gods...and there are far too many these days that engage in this activity.  
—Yuliin Felvaas, Grand Zealot of the Order of the Invisible Dawn. Mortal Year 1893

Twisted Enlightenment

During the Contemporary 6th Line (Generation Enlightenment), there was a movement in the ways many of the Planes of Existence began to think. During this period, many mortals who died during the Age of Enlightenment in The Mortal Plane resurrected into either Infernus or Paradiso. The thinkings and teachings of mortals highly influenced both angels and demons. New ways of thinking, human rationalism and secularism began to spread through both realms. However, this would twist into ideals corrupt and dangerous.   In the beginning, all was well, but another idea that mortals introduced was blind arrogance. What was first introduced as reason and secularism quickly turned into dangerous teachings of theosophy. Because both Infernus and Paradiso had no deity ruling over them any longer, these ideas began to spread until they became normalized. Eventually, it was a daily occurrence to hear about a young angel or devil perishing horrifically due to tampering with things they should not, such as forbidden power and alchemy.   With society normalizing the attempt to gain higher power in the name of science, or as many also believed, "to become as gods," a group dedicated to regulating such practices was formed: The Order of Reasonal Teachings, founded in Infernus. The order, however, was only in existence to regulate the teachings introduced by mortals. Ultimately though, the Order became corrupted by bribery and ended up implanting a system that would act to protect those with interests in seeking power.   Until the mortal year 1881, both Paradiso and Infernus were plagued by societies blinded by lust for power. In a desperate attempt to quell the dangerous teaching, a secret gathering between angels and demons was held in The Crossroads. It's unknown who attended the meeting, but the two sides came to an agreement that it would be best to form a society dedicated to countering the dangerous culture that both Planes had normalized.   Two organizations were founded that day: The Safe-Guardians of the Realm, a public organization designed to challenge the Order of Reasonal Teachings. The other was a secret organization, designed to enforce the former Order's ideologies in any way possible, forcefully if needed. The Order of the Invisible Shield, "to protect and safeguard that which was never meant for mortal understandings for the benefit of the Realm."

Never as Gods

Counter to the ideologies of society's "we can become as gods," the Order of the Invisible Shield firmly believed that "no mortal can become as Gods." Acting with the utmost secrecy, the Order worked behind the scenes, burning libraries holding knowledge they deemed dangerous, framing professors they deemed dangerous, and collecting dangerous knowledge themselves and hiding it from the public.   In the mortal year 1892 in Infernus, the Order gained the support of the High Royal Family of Asmodeus, and shortly after, began working on propaganda in favor of The Safe-Guardians of the Realm. For the next mortal decade, the Order remained at work, doing the dirty work until finally the ideals that long plagued both realms subsided.   It wouldn't be until the mortal year 1974 that the Order of the Invisible Shield was brought into the public in Infernus, after the death of its final member: Kavnirii Saruna, who left behind multiple maps leading to the Order's hideouts.

Structure of the Order

There's a lot more to our structure than we let normal Agents on. Take me for example. I'm an Intelligencer, but under that, I'm officially ranked as Field Intelligencer. The diffference is I actually get to go out and research, not sit around organizing and archiving and sitting all day, you know, the boring parts of the job.  
- Enrii Kalronii
Order of the Invisible Shield Sigil by bnichs

Structure of the Order

Order of the Invisible Shield Structure by bnichs

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