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The people of Courters alley

Courters alley is a collection of streets, too few to be called a neighbourhood, in the city of Querenth. It's feared and avoided by everyone, including the city watch. It is said, that whoever enters the home of the wicked, will return naught.  

The people

Some say it's a disease that turns their brains mushy, some say they inbreed like Domborian nobles, and some say the others cursed them. It might even be a strain of the corruption or a curse set on by some kind of witch. Whatever it is, the people of Courters alley are crazy. Pick a crime, and most are guilty of it. People get murdered on the streets, others get cut open and send back. Outsiders are not welcome and that's why the city watch has recently blocked off all streets the "alley" consists of. They are trying to starve out the people. Sometimes, however, someone gets out and steals some food. Sometimes a merchant risks getting killed and goes in anyways, supplying the people with food. It will be some time before the people are dead, but until then, everyone avoids courters alley.   Everyone in Courters alley knows a certain riddle. For some reason yet unknown, they all start chanting the riddle if you enter the alley.  
Mirror set beneath the gaze
Often found without a face
What does Momma Patty say
What is it that hides beneath the tray

Strip the skin under my skin, and my flesh you'll reveal.
It tastes sweet and tart, now throw out the peel.
What is it?
  The answer is quite obviously an orange or any other type of fruit. But the only answer they take, is "the king". Querenth hasn't had a king in a few centuries though.

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