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The Lusions

Rising from the dark days of Amity and triumphing at the end, these people are mysterious folk that wish for rebellion. What had happened to turn the kind Wisemen to violent Lusions?

The Original Lusions

  Lusions actually used to bring up valid issues in Amitia's early days, when advice was well sought after. After all, Amitia didn't rise to prosperity on its own. Lord Toby Gromwell III , founder of Amitia, desperately needed help building this new nation, so he turned to a wise group of people. They would later become shifty rebels, but more on that later as their time has not yet come. Toby selected, from these group of people, one other person to help himself and co-founder Mariana Mortimer lead Amitia. The group of people Toby had selected from became known as Sagemen. And therefore, he established Amitia's government. Three would lead Amitia together, as a cohesive unit, for a few years with the help of Sagemen. Once the term was over or one of the three people had died, a new set of people are chosen from the pool of Sagemen. Later, once the three districts were established, a new rule was set in place: there must be an equal amount of Sagemen from all three districts.   These Sagemen were chosen based off an aptitude test and a personality test. Those most skilled in politics and law, as well as those who were kindest most polite and charismatic, were selected to join the Sagemen. So, Sagemen could be from any socioeconomic class. But it was well known that Sagemen were paid generously by the government...

Rise from the Dark Age

  Amitia was never always bright. It had its trials and tribulations, including the period in its Dark Age. The Science District had a skirmish with the other two districts, leading to a skirmish between the History District and Science District. Because of this, the funding for Amitia's History District ceased. The ten Sagemen at the time from this district were enraged as their wages were cut and before their eyes, their own district was falling. They each quit their job as Sagemen, believing that Amitia's government would fail without them. From there, they declared themselves "Lusions". Obviously, Amitia would not fail for another millennium, so these Lusions were unsuccessful. Lusions rallied many more furious people from the History District, and waged an attack on the Science District and Amitia's capitol, Klein Stadt. In all, hundreds of buildings were burnt to the ground and tens of people were killed. Les Artistes stepped in, supplying the Science District and Klein Stadt with resources to rebuild. With all three districts behind in resources, little art or technology was created, thus giving this time period a "darker" and more melancholy feel to it. Lack of paint forced artists to get resourceful, and historians would call art from this time period "depressing impressionistic".   Lusions, now a band of roughly a hundred went into hiding, believing at the time that the disruption they caused was too great. Most felt tremendous guilt and believed it was uncalled for. See, although the funds for the History District were cut, the Sagemen and many other citizens still loved Amitia. Their drive was temporary rage that was quelled only with the lifetime guilt of their actions.   Later Lusions, however, would simply scoff at the seemingly "small" amount of damage they did. And thus, the fall of Amitia had begun.  

Out of Hiding

Nearly a generation had passed since the Dark Days, and the Lusions maintained their modest number of a hundred. The remaining Lusions had migrated to the mountains, living in caves and underground areas. Their faces grew pale from lack of sunlight, though some say the life drained out of the pores of their skin when their ancestors instigated the Dark Days.   Nonetheless, the newest generation of Lusions was raised to despise the Amitians and their government. They drafted a plan to overthrow the government, though never participated in rallies for fear that their secret underground organization would be found. They were a separate country - though minor- at this point, and no way was Amitia going to find out.  

Turn of the millennium

The year is 1950, and the Lusions had run their secret land underground. At a population of a thousand, each member is sworn to secrecy. At the slightest tip of information, the Lusion is executed in front of everyone. An example. By now, the Lusions have members from each District, especially the Science District, who aid the Lusions by providing incredible weapons. By now, the Lusions have a plan for the turn of the millennium. This plan was called the @Millennium Project. And thus, the end of Amitia was approaching.


Shared customary codes and values

Lusions all share one common value: to distrust and fear Amitia.

Average technological level

Technology from the Lusions are usually used in or created for malice. They are at the same level as the rest of Amity, but their technology is used for different purposes.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Marriage according to Lusions looked like dressing up in ordinary Amitia clothing and spending a very brief (up to one hour) amount of time in the outside world. Not to celebrate in Amitia, of course, but to relish in the sun for this one happy occasion.   Generally, causes for celebration are celebrated with making an item. For example, for a birth one might make a pot and paint it with pastel. Or one may have had a birthday and made a bracelet with curious rocks.   These traditions can be attributed to contributions from Les Artistes.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Bodies are snuck into Amitian dumpsters or used for other malicious purposes, usually to insult Amity.

Historical figures

The ten Wisemen who originally established the Lusions.


Beauty Ideals

Lusions were pale, living underground and receiving their vitamins from tablet. But darker-toned skin and freckles were hard to come by, and were often envied. Additionally, odd-colored eyes (such as purple, red, yellow, etc.) were accessories for the richer Lusions.
Languages spoken
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