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Hunter Uniform

Paltetian Hunter Leathers

Allowing for flexibility and stealth, these leather outfits offer Paltetian Hunters protection from the elements and minor cuts (as from thorns) and some blunt force mitigation. The leather is also thought to offer some small protection against magical attacks.   Each Hunter is assigned basic items: leather boots, gloves, jacket, pants, and weapons holsters. The Hunter badge and other identification are kept hidden within a pocket to be shown only when necessary.   Many hunters wear some of the items even while off-duty, specifically the boots and jacket.  
I hated the leathers at first - hotter and stiffer than anything I've worked in before - until on my second hunt I fell down a ravine, and the uniform saved my hide. Now that I've had them for a few years, they're the most comfortable things I own.
— Hunter Jack Barns


The many belts and straps added to the jacket and other pieces of the uniform allow for various tools and items to be strapped on as necessary.   The most notable aspect of this "uniform" however is that there are no patches or insignia to identify members as Paltentian Hunters. Neither are there any obvious outward symbols to denote rank. Nothing about the Chief Hunter's uniform differs radically from the newest member's, except perhaps signs of wear.

Tools of the Trade

Standard items are issued to each Hunter and must be attached to or otherwise carried within the uniform when on patrol. These include:
  • Communication device
  • Bioelectromagnetic sensor
  • Stun gun
  Optional items might include:
  • Shock rifle
  • Hunting knife
  The items may differ over time, and Hunters are permitted to customize their outfits and gear as desired. This hides the group's status as a military organization.  

Off-duty Example

Variety of Uniforms

Manufacturing process

Skins from a variety of animals, most predominately cow, sheep, goat, deer, horse, and pig, are tanned. Segments of the uniform may be hardened as necessary, but overall, the leather items are supple, as hunters value flexibility, stealth, and the ability to wear the items in public without attracting undue attention.   Hunter leathers are typically left undyed or dyed in shades of brown or occassionally dark green, and are fastened with dull metals. The outfits are designed to blend in with the forest surroundings.   The Hunter Management and Aquisitions Office procures and distributes the various components of the main uniform.  

Basic Items

The various leather pieces, hunting knife, and other basic gear are made by different contracted businesses, primarily in or near Theden, who aquire leather from tanners of their choice.

High-tech Tools

Items such as the bioelectromagnetic sensor and the shock rifle are made in secret government labs, where they are also calibrated, repaired, and maintained.

Unofficial Add-ons

The Paltetian Hunters are given a lot of freedom to customize their uniforms. This primarily occurs through the addition of specific items and added straps, belts, or pouches to contain those items.     Knives are the most popular addition, with some Hunters choosing to secret several on their person at any time. Most of these additions to the uniform are personal items. Hunters might purchase these, receive them as family heirlooms or gifts, or in some cases, they may be the result of a hunter's hobbies.  

Good Luck Charm

Nearly all Hunters carry a good luck charm. For those that work with the Magimandus, a creature unknown to Paltetia's citizens, they carry a naturally shed scale from their favorite charge.   A chord of leather, twine, or some other material is often threaded through one or two drilled holes in the scale and worn about the neck, hidden beneath the Hunter's coat.  

History of the Uniform

While small details of the uniform changes over time, Hunters have worn leathers since their founding at the end of the Paltetia Revolution, during the building of the Great Divide at the begining of the Divided Era.   In the early years, rough-spun cotton cowls were added during the winter months, as they were preferred by the group's founder, Lyle Deckard. They were issued for nearly 25 years, but fell out of favor not long after his passing.   At various points throughout the years, metal plates have been added and removed from underneath the leather. These plates offer greater protection from slashing, stabbing, and blunt force attacks, but add weight and restrict maneuverability. They eventually were removed for the sake of allowing the Hunters to range farther without tiring.   Currently, the plates are impractical, as they cannot protect against modern weaponry. And they are believed to increase vulnerability to some magics.  

Future Development

A thinner, lighter material is being developed and considered as inserts beneath the leathers to provide superior protection to the Hunters with minimal impact to weight and agility.
Item type
Raw materials & Components
Associated Organization
Paltetian Hunter
Profession | Dec 30, 2019

An elite group tasked with protecting Paltetia from dangers in the Great Woods

To the citizens of Paltetia, little is known about the group. They are very quiet and reserved, and generally prefer to keep company with other Hunters. Citizens are kept unaware of their true purpose.
Only a drunk would insult someone dressed in Hunter leathers. And he'll find himself tossed out on his ass.
— Patron of the Lazy Duck Inn & Tavern

The Great Woods

Paltetian Hunters operate in The Great Woods, a stretch of forested land spanning nearly the entire length of the eastern side of Paltetia and roughly dividing the continent of Wennovi. Paltetians believe the Great Woods to be impassible and the lands beyond to be uninhabitable.  
Wennovi by hcraven using Azgaar's
The Great Woods is an impassible forest full of strange and dangerous creatures. No one could live there. It's illegal even to go in there, unless you're one of them hunters, don't you know?
— Paltetian citizen


Paltetian Hunters often work with a fearsome creature native to the Great Woods. This creature has been kept secret from citizens, as its primary role is to hunt down magic and magic-users.  
Magimandus - Magic Eater
Species | Jul 13, 2020

A creature that both hunts and consumes magic.

Magimandus Scales
Material | Jul 14, 2020

Magimandus scales have many uses: traditional medicine, potions, and more


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Cover image: by hcraven from various CC0 images from Pixabay


Author's Notes

This article was written for The Costume Challenge. Thanks for reading!

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