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The Sparrow

Lynn Baker (a.k.a. The Sparrow)

Lynn Baker is thought to be the infamous sparrow, a young nomas woman rumored to have been behind organizing the first round of assassinations that started the Paltetia Revolution.   She died before the end of the war and never got to see the results of the Division Treaty.  

The Sparrow

In the years leading up to the Paltetia Revolution, whispers about the Sparrow began to circulate amongst the nomas population. It wasn't until much later that historians figured out the reason behind the popularity of the time of drawings and paintings of the small, humble bird. A nacent movement for nomas rights was being nurtured by the Sparrow.   In every place her message was the same - that non-magic people had every right to education, fair wages, safe labor, and fair treatment, that indentured servitude could no longer be tolerated, and that if the people wanted their freedom, they would have to rise up and take it.   She was always described the same way: petit, thin, brown hair, brown eyes, simple clothes. She was also described as timid, shy, and quiet. This description, coupled with her appearance in so many cities, always moving in the background, flitting from place to place, earned her the nickname. It also preserved her anonymity, as many young women fit the description.   It was not until well after her death that someone identified the Sparrow as Lynn Baker. Even still, some doubt remains as to her true identity.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lynn Baker grew up in the servant's quarters of the Imbrianus palace with her parents. As nomas, they were in the employ of the palace.   When she was six, her family began traveling with the Empress, servants for her, her aides, and her personal guard. As such, she spent years traveling Wennovi, connecting with other servant children, and witnessing first-hand the way nomas were treated throughout the empire.   These childhood connections would later serve as the basis for network of nomas who would later rise against the magic classes.
Current Location
39 WE 5 WE 34 years old
Circumstances of Death
Failed assassination attempt
Paltetia Revolution
Military Conflict | Dec 2, 2020

An uprising of non-magic people that split an empire

Nomas Activist
Character | May 16, 2020

Sophina Bradburn, a non-magical human of Ashalia, is leading the political movement toward equality and fair treatment for all non-magical people.

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