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Adabrook Farm

I'm telling you, something strange is going on up at the ranch. There's far too many people around nowadays, and they don't look like the farming type to me.
— Farmer near Adabrook
  A horse ranch nestled in the pastoral hillside of northeastern Salaris   Since the ranch sold to new owners several years ago, rumors have circulated surrounding some of the changes the farm has seen.  


Various rumours circulate around the ranch and its owners. Some suspect the new owners of running a cult, dabbling in illegal magic, and/or hosting parties with illusion guides.   Others suspect some sort of government involvement. The farm is located in the northeast of Salaris near the border of both Eldahi and Rhovan. As such, it seems to some to be the ideal location for spying activities and//or intercepting border-crossers.  

Reasons for the rumors

  • Reclusive new owners - some of the nearby farmers do not even know who now owns Adabrook
  • Sale of half their horses and all the livestock
  • Construction activity spotted despite reduced animals
  • Unusual number of people spotted around the premises
It seems to me they remodeled one of the barns, but I can't imagine what for. They're not tending horses or goats. What exactly are they doing up there?
— Farmer near Adabrook
  Actual Use
Adabrook Farm has been repurposed into a Salarian government facility for training, covert activities, and surveilling the area.   The farmhouse is utilized for housing personnel. One of the barns has been converted into a military transport station for easy access to the facility and ability to quickly move military units. Some horses and the stables have been maintained to keep the ranch appearance and for transport around the immediate area.   This is a classified facility.
Salaris, the largest and most powerful nation in Imbria.


Author's Notes

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