Brawl of the Bull

It wasn't quite as bad as when that bard sung 'Old Muriel's Maid' one too many times to get back at a heckler. Still, was worth it to watch Riley put that fool in his place. It's how I got the new windows!
— Jirard Havanul, Master of the Gray Goblin Tavern
  The Gray Goblin Tavern sits on the outskirts of the community of Furloc, which itself is just south of the Arichala Valley. The rural town is usually quiet, with the Pendelholm militia just close enough to keep trouble at bay. The most lively times come during the end of the year, when everyone has been without much to do through the winter snows. During this time, there are often times when tempers flare and the only viable outlet is a good brawl - rarely are these brawls taken to an extent where there are serious wounds on anyone involved, but there are always exceptions. And then there is the 'Brawl of the Bull', which became the high water-mark for how rough it could get.

The Conflict


It was the thirteenth day on the Tenth Moon of the year, and the weather had turned very poor through the region. Snowfall was accumulating tall enough to almost bury some homes built on lower points around the village, and it had proven a truly heroic task to clear much of the center of town to allow residents to go about their business. After the sun set, two of the villagers - Riley Caskmoor and Adam Trest - entered the Gray Goblin with the intention of drinking until they passed out and had to sleep in the 'Aleman's Room' set aside for such things. Adam was quoted as having said, "it beats trying to make it through the snow" when explaining it to an incredulous farmhand who heard the plan.

As the night wore on, and patrons began to filter in despite the weather, there were many of the usual tavern games going. During a game of Dragon's Hoard the wagers had been changed to being about who pays the bar tab. Riley began to lose rather spectacularly, and chose to bet his prized bull on the next roll. Players at the table began to argue over whether it was acceptable stakes, until Adam commented it was fair enough. "After all, it's not like he can make the roll."

And then Riley made the roll, and managed to leverage this into taking most of the Hoard for himself. As Adam took the dice and began his turn, he allegedly made an unkind suggestion about Riley and his bull which was only heard by Riley.


At the end of the night, the destruction encompassed most of the patrons due to how an increasing number of drunken farmers were brought in from being hit with stray blows. Almost all of the furniture had been destroyed, and the large front window had been shattered when Adam threw an attacker through it. Most unfortunately, two casks of Hoarfrost Hall Ale which had yet to be tapped were broken and soaked into the wooden floor of the common room. At the time, these were valued at approximately "your second-born child" due to the rarity of caravans successfully navigating through the valley's hazards.

Jirard Havanul, the owner, had to enlist the help of a couple friends to tie up the conscious (and yet unable to resist) and sort out who among the unconscious was still there. The tavern wound up closed for three days to sort out exactly what was broken and capable of being repaired... or what was irreparable, and most of all what was irreplaceable.


Yes, sir, I swear I'll watch my drinkin' next time... what do you mean 'banned'?!"
— Adam Trest
Once the damage had been assessed, and many of the residents sobered up, Jirard made the following points "clear as elven crystalware".
  • Once any person had sobered up, they were "to go home and stay there until the day after next".
  • Adam and Riley were expected to help replace the furniture, either through finding it for sale or making it themselves. If they made any furniture themselves, it had better be able to last through the winter until a better replacement could be acquired.
  • In addition, absolutely everyone was expected to pay restitution determined by exactly how much contrition on waking. A surcharge was appended for every excuse such as "but he hit me first".
  • Anyone who did not pay their part in restitution could not get a drink at the bar. Failure to comply meant being thrown out, in the literal sense.
  • Nobody was to play 'Dragon's Hoard' over bar tabs ever again.
Decades later, there is still a carved sign over the bar which is a reference to the infamous brawl. The sign was made out of a slab of darkwood acquired by one of the local woodsmen, and it took most of the winter to properly carve and apply gold-leaf for embellishment. It simply reads "We accept Imperial or Gilvonnaie currency only, no bull."
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