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The world of Erisdaire is a world where an endless cycle is in motion from the beginning of the world to the end of everything. Empires rise, rule, then fall and leave the scars behind for those who survive the fall. Magic of various kinds exists and is entwined with the world itself in ways most people do not comprehend.   There are numerous races who live in this world, either in small clans or tribal gatherings or great cities attempting to stand the test of time. Monsters exist in this world, great and terrible beasts which roam the wilderness and are a danger to all civilized folk. Great dragons, ancient beings of terrible power, shape the world both openly and hiding within other identities. Gods are real, though their influence is often subtle rather than blatant.   It is the waning years of the Rhyliss Imperium, with a continent-dominating empire slowly crumbling away in the last few generations into separate territories allied with the Empire, but not necessarily with the same goals in mind. An unease has crept into the realms of Erisdaire, an expectation the Imperium is soon to fall and there might not be anything to take its place.