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The Hykiath Raids

The Hykiath cartel had, for the longest time, a monopoly on synthesising Y’darus blood into two forms of a drug: a low concentration version and a high concentration version. Before the Terrans became a large part of their intended recipients, they synthesised the Y’darus blood into I’karis and Sune.

When they started dealing to Terrans, they changed the name of the drugs to appeal more to their Terran clientele. They settled on Comet (low concentration) and Solar Storm (high concentration). Both of these saw an increase in sales to Terran clientele; though to avoid confusing their long standing clientele they kept the original names as well.

Of course, this ended up leading to a bit of confusion between the Terrans, where they believed they were being sold a lesser version of the drug. The Terrans started raiding shipments of I’karis and Sune, completely unaware that the drugs had the exact same composition and that the only difference was their names.

Start Date
UGY 5362
Ending Date
UGY 5363

High Profile Terran Clientele

On the Terran’s side were a handful of high profile Terrans. One of which included Brigadier Isaac Sinclair, son of the infamous Jonas Sinclair.

These high profile Terrans gathered other clientele (most of whom they already knew as they would redistribute the drugs to their own people). They would board Hykiath ships and raid their supplies - most of the time this meant clearing out the ship entirely. They would also severely injure the ship crews in order to send a message to the Hykiath.

Response of the Hykiath Cartel

At first, the Hykiath were greatly angered by the actions the Terrans had taken. They retaliated by providing extra manpower in the form of mercenaries hidden on the crew ships and hiring mercenary ships to tail their cargo ships. When Terrans boarded a cargo ship, they would either come face to face with a group of trained mercenaries, or they would find their own ship had been boarded and sabotaged in their absence.

Eventually, after almost a year of back and forth and escalating attacks, the Hykiath cartel discovered why the Terrans were raiding their ships. It was enough to make the leader at the time, D’un A’Taele, laugh her ass off. Not wanting to lose good, paying clientele - or even future clientele - and also finding the whole ordeal hilarious, she was willing to meet with the Terrans and explain to them what each drug was.

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