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The Destruction of Crossroads and the War of the 4 Corners

Ten years from the present day, a warlord by the name of Narne cast evil magics upon the City State of Crossroads. The plans for the city's complete annihilation had been forming for years at that point, and they all came to fruition on the week following Longest Day.  


  Narne was a member of the Eastern Corner diplomat attache. She specialized in historical context and traded in antiquities. Some say before she took up her residence in Crossroads, she spent years in the Traitor City in the Eastern Corner gaining favor with the nobility there and manipulating all of them to do her bidding. She moved to the Crossroads 5 years before her take-over. There, she established her own Historical Consul, an antiquities shop, and she became a prominent member of Lyra's Cathedral. Using all three of her positions, she gained fame, respect, notoriety, and all but immunity to anything she wanted to accomplish. She hired a number of mages and alchemists to work at her Antiquities shop- a place which survivors will now recount as a Front for her dark magics and power gathering.   She researched and was an accomplished master of the Dark Divine Arts, and had extensive knowledge of fiendish kind. She maintained her defense of knowledge of history is a power in its own right, and a number of magical enforcers were either paid to look the other way or magically forced to do so. All of these preparations were in anticipation for a day that the stars, sun, and moons would align properly with the Chaos lay lines deep in the earth. Add in a spark of harvested magic from a very powerful Air Touched, and soon, her goal of complete destruction of the city would be set into motion.  

The Day the Darkness Fell

  On the seventh day after Longest Day, when the sun was at its highest. Clouds began to gather. The sun became shrouded in blood red, and the skies dimmed to darkness. From the sands of the surrounding deserts, and descending from the inky aberrant skies above. The spectral spiritual forms of 4 immense Fiends descended upon Crossroads. The hungered as if they hadn't consumed in 2 millennia, and they consumed everything into dissolution. People, buildings, animals, were all powerless to their hunger as they fed on everything and one by one the city descended into panic, madness, and terror. The only thing that anyone could do was run and pray that they could escape in time as Narne stood proud in the Central City Square watching in glee as her Fiends did her bidding. It was a day that nobody would forget, and one that the few hundreds of survivors of the once thriving City State will make sure is remembered for generations.   The war would continue east as she placed her most trusted advisor, Erdemir, to maintain control of the her Fiend spirits and her ongoing "projects" within the wreckage of what was once Crossroads.  

To What Goal

  What a number of historians ask is why? What was Narne hoping to accomplish outside of making a point and simply displaying that she could do such a horrific act? A number of people speculate that the Crossroads is the site of the long-lost gates of Elios and Lyra, and over the course of a decade, she has continued her search for them for some other dark means. However, no one is truly certain what Narne hopes to accomplish when and if she does find the gates. It is clearly not something that she nor her allies will ever tell a living soul. Only powerful divination magic could ever reveal those true secrets.   Until that time, she continues to fight East, summoning more Fiendish spirits to consume villages, towns, and large expanses of jungles in an effort to find the objects that she is continuously hunting for. The only connection so far is that with the old gods; any and every holy relic to Ignea that has been found has been destroyed and harvested for power.    The battle has continued now for a decade, with no hope for an end in sight-unless Narne accomplishes what she wants or is destroyed somehow in the process.
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