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The Capitalist Insurgency

The Capitalist Insurgency was an open conflict that embroiled the largest cities of Victoriana, including a military siege of Victoriana City. The rebellion began after a wealth tax was implemented to help fund the popular idea of a Safety Net for all Syndicate citizens.
The last rattling breath of a system that had caused so much strife and pain. Good riddance that they rebeled, it allowed us to root them out.
— Syndicate Historian

The Two Things


Only a few years after the signing of the Syndication Accords of Jupiter, the Directoriate faced a dillemia.

They were a government evolved from the learnings of corporations. Corporations had been known to have wealth, with the higher classes holding a disproportianate amount of said wealth. Yet in order to survive, they had realized that they need to care for their citizens as much as any government.

This idea was of course expensive, especially with the plan of the much debated Safety Net. It was a fated day when Osborne Jadey and a majority of the Directoriate passed a controversial Wealth Tax, that capped the amount any individual could earn in a quarter.

Many scrupulous CEOs stormed out of the hall, claiming the death of freedom and competition. A war was declared between corporations seeking profits, and those seeking sustainablity.



Security Forces owned by Capitalists took their fights in the streets, attempting to raze and claim other companies in a scramble to hold the planet hostage before The Directoriate could ask.

However they faced a citizenry that resisted their attempts. Local populace militias held lines against security forces, and while the defense was one-sided against them, it bought the Syndicate enough time to form a defensive plan.


The Outcome

Corporations which formed the Capitalist Insurgency were mergered into similar companies; renamed, reorganized, and forgotten by time. Within the Syndicate they are only remembered for their greed and selfishness.

It was after this insurgency that the Jupiter Syndicate fully embraced Fundamental Meritism as a government type.

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