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The grand Reclamation War

One of the most defining wars in the history of Mithra, this war has shaped the borders of the world. This is the war where the republic got its strength and territory back.      

The war

The situation

It all started even before the fourth era. In the late third era, The world was a lot more broken up. Listinia was the big power in the Hearthlands, while the rest of the current kingdoms were mostly broken up in different smaller states. Dombor was divided into three large warring houses that still stemmed from the governor of the old empire. This is also the reason why the current leader of Dombor is called the emperor, even though they still occupy the same area as before. Mesantia was much smaller than it is now, most of its territory was controlled by Listinia. Zastor and Parkonostia where both in controlled by the kingdom of Karatia, the old name for Murtivia. While the Republic, well the republic didn't exist yet. The Highland-kingdom controlled Querenth and most of the higland, while the rest of the inner hearthland territory was mostly controlled by warring houses and dukes.   Now the highland-kingdom wasn't very popular with its members.     Treaty of Marqueith
Conflict Type

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