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unusual conflict - desacrating an ancestral plant

The people of tba culture don’t get visitors often, but when they do, the events always manage to be significant enough to qualify as an entry in the tomes. To an outsider, the customs of [culture] may seem redundant and overly complicated, but to them, are merely common-sense etiquette developed over centuries. In fact, [culture] may be the most literate of any peoples on the continent, and certainly have the most accurate and detailed accounts of their history, and the history of the world at large as it affects them.
One such event of an outsider [gentle word for fucking up] their customs was that of [character name], who had been adventuring in the area and picked up wind of [valuable resource settlement is known for prompt]. Visiting the settlement in hopes of acquiring some of this material, and expand their adventuring network while they were at it, the adventurer was astounded by the magnificence of the flora and fauna present [bizarre flora and fauna prompt?]. Seeing plants that they couldn’t believe were real, and as a result of those plants, creatures of unimaginable shapes and sizes, the adventurer could not resist plucking the blossom of a particularly enchanting ancestral plant. In [culture] it is considered a grievous crime to pluck or plunder the ancestral plant of another family - at best seen as an act of serious disrespect and at worst an invitation for a centuries long blood feud - and because of the detailed nature of their tomes, once this kind of aggression is recorded, the only way it will be forgotten is with the perishing of an entire familial line.
Because the adventurer has a home elsewhere and once they realized they were in hot water, they simply hopped back to their home region. Because of this, the conflict has not been resolved within the [tba] community and as such is considered to have been going on for decades - beginning with the date the adventurer made their mistake. Demanding justice and, many families having developed a distrust of outsiders, they implore any visitor to find the aggressor and make them pay for their crimes after, of course, thoroughly scrutinizing said visitor in attempts to determine if they are cohorts of the ancestral plant plucking villain, back to steal more of their history.

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