Álfuríki Civil War

The Álfuríki Civil War was an internal conflict within Álfuríki precipitated by the alliance of the god Odr with the demons of several Hells. The war lasted just over a decade and ended only when Odr was destroyed in the most widely witnessed death of a deity in the recorded history of the Sora.  


The Álfuríki had long been a xenophobic society, largely reacting with hatred and disgust toward any non-elf species it encountered. Many within the Álfuríki advocated for a more aggressive stance toward other species and even a hierarchy of elven cultures, with the Øknodund elves placed at the top. The majority of the Álfuríki pantheon supported these beliefs, issuing proclamations and decrees through their priests to support these postures. Only Odr, the Álfuríki god of harmony, was against this escalation of Álfuríki nationalism.   As the Álfuríki moved further and further toward entirely embracing intolerant policies, Odr saw his support dwindling. Fearing that further xenophobia would only isolate the Álfuríki and eventually turn the other empires against them entirely, leading to their downfall, he began to act against the rest of the pantheon. He provided visions to his most devout priests and followers, ordering them to begin preparing for war. Most troubling, he also provided many with the means of summoning and forging contracts with powerful demons.  


In 412 PC, the Árisdauld (the rulers of the Álfuríki) was meeting with the leaders of each god’s priesthoods to determine the empire’s future political stance. As it became more and more apparent that the Árisdauld was going to adopt the xenophobic policies, the representatives of Odr’s priesthood rose to their feet and slit their own throats, activating contingency spells which summoned a horde of demons.   The demons slaughtered the other priests, the Árisdauld, and numerous other officials. Shortly after, Odr’s priesthood attempted to seize power. While the government and other priesthoods were in disarray, they quickly managed to regroup and contest Odr. War broke out between both sides, with the priesthood of Odr and their followers, bolstered by hordes of demons from a multitude of Hells, battling the Álfuríki military and priesthood of the rest of the pantheon.  


The Civil War raged for 10 years, ending only when the rest of the gods of the Álfuríki pantheon forced Odr to physically manifest outside the gates of Heaven. The combined forces of the Álfuríki loyalists assaulted him with sorcery, traditional weaponry, and powerful relics. Despite their power, it took nearly a day of fighting and cost thousands of lives before Odr fell. The death of the god caused terrible visions in those in the vicinity, though it brought an end to the conflict as the demons abandoned their contracts with Odr's now-powerless priests and returned to Hell.

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