Toy soldier saga Battle of Wylinta's Rings
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Battle of Wylinta's Rings

Military action


12th Sixth-Month, Year 350 from the Founding
  The first shots in the Telasian System of the Second Interstellar War (IW2) are fired when a single man-o-war, the Queen's Dirk, scouts the rings of Wylinta and discovers a flotilla of ten Fomorian men-o-war. Due to some exceptional flying on the part of hotshot young Star-Pilot Lieutenant Shaundar Sunfall  and the command of Captain Yvoleth Oleander, the flotilla is defeated, with three burnt, three sunk, three fled, and one taken as prize.   Several members of the crew receive medals for this action, including the Pilot and young marine Yathar Goldenbough, and the Queen's Dirk receives a personal commendation from the Monarchs of Glimmerfell.   Casualties in the action include Tyelatae Vesper, whose leg is amputated, and Yathar Goldenbough, who receives minor injuries.  
  The Queen's Dirk
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