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Skyreach Harbour

A living community on the edge of the stars

Skyreach Harbour is a community almost entirely inhabited by members of the Avalonian Imperial Navy and the people who live and work in the Skyreach Shipyards. Located on the world of Peridot in the roots of Yggdrasil's Sprout, Skyreach Harbour produces ships strictly for the Navy. The shipyards are off limits to the general public as a potential security risk, but the main port community itself is likely to be the first sign of civilization a ship will see once they've crossed the wormhole. It is a lively and active place with a variety of cultures rubbing elbows -- as long as they are friendly, or at least not hostile, to the Avalonian Navy.



Skyreach Harbour is the center of Peridotian government, which is run by a Planetary Governor appointed by the Avalonian Imperial Crown and the Crown of Telasia, and a Council of Representatives, elected by the various significant populations of Peridot. They work in concert as much as possible to see to the needs of the colony, and the needs of the Navy and the Crown, in tandem.


Skyreach Harbour and Peridot are defended by the Navy and Marine population, weapon emplacements along the shores of the Aquamarine Sea, several watchtowers, and a forward Navy base located on the tiny world of Beryl which is on the direct approach to Skyreach.

Industry & Trade

Skyreach Harbour does a busy trade in all things nautical, luxuries, foodstuffs, and magical and scholar's supplies. They export ships, unique food products, preserved and dried foods, and some precious minerals and medicinal supplies, such as Star Mushroom.


The Navy shipyards are the heart and center of the Skyreach community, and much of the city's resources are poured into maintaining them and keeping them upgraded, knowing that they are the lifeblood that supports the colony. As a result, the colony is surprisingly modern for such a remote place, and it can boast gnomish plumbing and sewers, watermills, windmills, and numerous public green spaces to gather.   It should be noted that there are two stages of Avalonian Navy ship manufacture. Building and fitting is accomplished in Skyreach Harbour, but the shaping of Starseeds is the primary stage of Avalonian warship manufacture, and that takes place deep in Peridot's roots in a secret location, accomplished by the carefully-selected and vetted Mage's Council .


With its beautiful and pleasantly temperate coastline, and gorgeous natural features such as the Skyreach Mountains, Skyreach Harbour is also a popular tourist destination for starfarers in the Telasian System.


There is a plethora of old-fashioned Avalonian and Rua'alfar architectural styles here, including grown crystal towers, and shaped tree dwellings. More familiar seaside cabins are also part of the landscape. Nunnehi tend to be present in the city to work in the shipyards, and sometimes, ironically, have more urbanized and less comfortable dwellings, due to economic disparity.
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Founding Date
4571 AC
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