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Rosehips, Fresh

Unlike dried rosehips, fresh rosehips are considerably less common. Since fresh rosehips are picked within days of the first frost of autumn, they only remain fresh for a few weeks to a month, and thus are generally only available during that time in places where roses are plentiful. Alfar connoisseurs will tell you that the fresh rosehips make all the difference, but less refined palates find them no better than dried, just cheaper when in season.

Manufacturing process

Rosehips are best picked after the first frost, but before they wither and fall off, giving about 3-5 days of good haw picking, afterward, they are refrigerated for immediate use or frozen, or dehydrated for storage after being processed for seeds.


Rosehips make up a considerable portion of an Elven sailors diet.
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Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
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Generally only available in autumn in places where roses grow, rose haws can be refrigerated for up to a month and frozen for as long as a year, but their best use is dehydrating.
1 lb / 500g
6x6x6in / 15x15x15cm
Base Price
2 cp


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