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Rosehips, Dried

A staple of Elven shipboard diets, dried rosehips are available, commonly, anywhere you find Elves in any numbers. Elven druids have, since long ago, developed varietals of roses that thrive almost anywhere, though among elves the Claastellin's Royal White Variety is most prized. Sailors have been known to give up to 10x normal price for these treasures.

Manufacturing process

The fresh haws are split and the seeds scooped out. they are then laid out in a dry, warm environment (at least 110 F (43 C)) for 24 to 48 hours until dry and crumbly. Then stored in a cool, dry, dark place, such as the hold of a ship.
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Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Related ethnicities
In places where roses are plentiful, such as the temperate regions around Skyreach and, especially, Claastellin (which specializes in its Royal White roses and their especially sweet haws) dried rose hips are as common as fleas on a hound. Otherwise, certain species, such as Old Blush pink roses do well in the tropical climes such as those found in the more hospitable areas of Elatha, where the red sun makes the pink of the roses seem to be bloody red, and the rose bushes, themselves, with their "Cethlenn's talons", 2 inch thorns, are sacred to the Den Mother. And others, such as Nunnehi Blood Roses and Dirk's Dash thrive in climates that reach -45 F (-43 C) in the winter. Basically, rose hips are commonly available
1 lb / 500g
4x4x4in / 10x10x10cm
Base Price
1 sp


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