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A starhand with no previous starfaring experience - answers to Ordinary Starhands

Landsfolk are starhands with no prior sailing experience among an Avalonian Imperial Navy ship's crew. The term is, however, commonly used among other starfarers as well.   Landsfolk are paid less than Ordinary Starhands or Able Starhands.


Most Landsfolk are pressed into service. Some are volunteers.


Within the Avalonian Imperial Navy, Landsfok must simply give their Oath to the Navy and sign up.


After a year at sea, Landsfolk are normally advanced to Ordinary Starhands


The typical duties of Landsfolk are the basic tasks aboard ship, including hauling (pulling sails) and hoisting (raising a flag or a sail.)


Landsfolk have many duties, but few responsibilities. Most starhands treat the Landsfolk a bit like idiots or children aboardships. They are assumed to be ignorant of the most basic requirements of starfaring until they have proved themselves to a given crew.


Landsfolk in the Navy are paid 9 to 11 Galaxies (platinum coins) per year. Like all Naval starhands, their food and accommodations while on active duty are provided, but these benefits are not provided when their ship is not in active service.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Landsfolk are issued a standard work uniform that includes navy-blue trousers, white canvas work shirt, sea boots, blue bandana, and a Starmetal Talisman in a brass belt buckle to provide them a short period of air and pressure, should they happen to fall overboard.   The rank insignia of a Landsfolk is a green anchor patch, worn at the top of the shirt sleeve.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

It is difficult to be dismissed from the Navy at this level of service. Usually, dismissal is a result of inappropriate actions, perhaps following a court martial, or for unfitness for service through physical or mental defect.


"Landsfolk" started as a description of a sailor's rating on seafaring ships, and carried into the stars as the sailors did. Over time, it became an officially recognized rank within the Avalonian Navy as well.

Avalonian Imperial Navy Flag by Diane Morrison - ship by Aaron Siddall

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Basic uniform of Landsfolk
Civic, Military, Generic
Form of Address
Sailor; Starhand; sometimes "Dirtsider" (derisive)
Alternative Naming
Equates to
Source of Authority
Star Command
Length of Term
Approximately a year
Reports directly to
Related Organizations

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