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The Shadow Pool

Deep within Shadowkeep at the heart of the complex lies a black pool in an equally black basalt chamber, THe Shadow Pool. Whether it was built by the Grandfather of Shadows of simply appropriated for his use is unknown, but it is said that the pool holds the souls of all The Shadow Brothers who have been baptised in it's cold black waters and it makes them unkillable and merciless.

The legend of the Shadow Pool is wide spread and well known, and no shadow brother to date has revealed whether or not it's true, but when interrogated with psionics, they seem to believe it. Also, true or not, the Shadow Brothers fight like its true and never leave a body behind, so it is impossible to tell.


The legends say, that the Grandfather takes all Ves, when they've "Come of Age", in other words graduated from basic training, and brings them to a Black Pool hidden deep in Shadowkeep. It is here that he hears their oath to serve the Brotherhood, without End, and it is here that Ghost gives them his solemn oath to always care for their families. Then the Grandfather baptises the Ves in the pool where it collects their soul and makes them unkillable. It also insures that Ghost has their loyalty as their soul is trapped by him.

Historical Basis

Every Shadow Brother, Sister of Dusk, or Shadow Propagandist tells the story of being baptised in that pool and hearing the souls of their Ves'a welcoming them as their head submerged.


THis legend is very well known throughout the Fomorian Empire and propigated by Brotherhood to further spread their reputation as unkillable murderers.

Cultural Reception

Because of the myth, Ves of the Brotherhood are generally met with caution when someone is aware of their allegiance and outright horror if you suspect they are targeting you.

In Art

In Shadowkeep there are paintings, tapestries and other depictions of the baptism in the Black Pool
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