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Shadowkeep, as it is colloquially known, or more rightfully Kax'Torn which means High Seat in Goblin, is the formal Headquarters of the Brotherhood of Shadow . Located mostly beneath the surface of Elatha's Moon, @Cethlenn, De Kax'Torn is the sanctuary that all in the Brotherhood retreat to. It is also the location of the Brotherhood's brutal initiation rites. All members of the Brotherhood are brought here in secret, usually against their consent, to swear to the leader, Grandfather of Shadows Durga "Ghost" Bloodfist, their undying oath.

While violating your oath is cause for immediate death, or destruction, the benefits of membership in the Brotherhood are multifarious and multitudinous. Shadowkeep is one of those assets available to all Ves.

The Ves, which means siblings and is the lowest rank of a full-fledged member, are entitled to bring their families to De Kax'Torn, and the Syndicate will take care of and protect them. A real asset for the mostly Ip-Ara'dare goblin members of the Brotherhood, as they tend to have more concern for their families than other goblins. That said, it is also a real boon to the families who invariably are less brave than their relative and Shadowkeep is very, very well defended.

Also, children of the Brothers and their families see the Ves'a training and young Ip-Ara'dare long to join the league and become Shadow Brothers.

Furthermore, Ghost is no fool and welcomes half-goblins with open arms, and full status. The worship of Sudenitsa sees no distinction between full or half-goblins and The Grandfather of Shadows sees no reason to either.

Purpose / Function

De Kax'Torn was built, quite deliberately, to be an impenetrable fortress on an inhospitable planet.  The fortress is a safehaven for the Brotherhood of Shadows in all their branches.  To serve this purpose, the keep is rife with traps, tricks and tortures to confuse, confound and kill unwanted intruders


Since it's construction, De Kax'Torn has been expanded on several times and is now a complete, self sustaining, metropolis beneath the surface of Cethlenn.


Above the surface, Shadowkeep, is a small, unassuming, Basalt keep carved out of the side of a hill on the face of Cethlenn not far from the Den of the Cave Mother, the only other civilization on Cethlenn.  The construction is Gothic in nature, reminiscent of something that would be found in the mountains of Wallachia on Earth.  Within is dimly lit, with long shadows and darkened passages, and the walls and halls are devoid of art save some gold statues of armoured angels.


Construction on The High Seat began 22 years ago, with the first installment of capital showered on Durga by his Kax'Vee.  First, the small keep that would serve as the public front for the Fraternity, was built over a period of 3 years.  Then secret passages, tunnels and halls were dug out by the most skilled Goblin Diggers.  No one digger, that wasn't also a brother, has worked on any part of the fortress for more than two weeks.  In order to put together a blueprint of the place, literally thousands of Goblin Diggers would have to be brutally interrogated.

Once the keep was built, Ghost began to encourage the new brothers to move their families in.  While this might seem altruistic, and part of it was, it was mostly for the reasons that, when their family is safe, agents can concentrate on the mission.  Also, when your family is in the hands of your boss, you are less likely to betray the organization.

Over the last 20 odd years, Shadowkeep has never been breached, though only 2 adventuring parties have tried.
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Founding Date
Between 357 From the Founding to present
Alternative Names
The Shadowkeep, De Kax'Torn, the High Seat
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization


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