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Sudenitsa (Soo-den-eet-tsa)

Maidens of Fate and Fortune Rozenitsa, Narenitsa, and Sudenitsa (a.k.a. The Three Sisters)

Sudenitsa is part of a group of goddesses called "the Three Sisters", and is rarely mentioned without her sisters, Rozenitsa and Narenitsa. The sisters are collectively known as the Maidens of Fate and Fortune and all aspects of fortune and kismet are attributed to them. The base of their name, Nitsa means woman of indeterminate age in Goblin and their roots translate as Sud = Judgement or court, Roz = birthing or to give birth, and Nar = to make or give a name to. So, the three fates of the Goblins are Rozenitsa, She Who Gives Birth, Narenitsa, She Who Gives Names and Sudenitsa, She Who Sits In Judgement. They are analogies for the Celtic Triple Goddess (Brigid the Wise, Brigid the Healer, and Brigid the Smith) and the Moirai of the Inhydeans (Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos), as well as the Æsir Norns (Urdr, Verdandi and Skuld).

The sisters always appear as a group and one is never seen without the other two, though they can appear to be any menstrating age from about 11 to 50, and with any features, even appearing at times as half-goblins. Rozenitsa is often shown as heavy with a litter, Narenitsa is often depicted with one or two infants and Sudenitsa appears in art often with one or two children in tow. It is not unusual for the three sisters to appear together in different stages of life, one maidenly (like 11), one motherly (25-30), and one matronly (45-50).

Divine Domains

Fate and Fortune

Holy Books & Codes

The Way of the Warrior

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Spindles, Golden Thread

Tenets of Faith

Honour your mother and Kax'Vee\
Live true to one's self
Do not accept Fate as inevitable
Accept good fortune with grace and generousity


Crescent or Gibbous moons have special significance to the Worship of the Sisters

Physical Description

Body Features

The three sisters appear, so it is said, always together though their appearance varies in both ethnicity and age having appeared as three sisters of any full or half goblin ethnicity and any age between between adolescence and menopause.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The Three Sisters have been around for as long as there has been goblin religion though until recently, they were minor regional goddesses with little dogma or rules mostly worshipped in the form of small shrines to bless a nursery or ward off bad luck that were as common as grass. So it was easy for the propagandists of the Brotherhood of Shadow to increase the influence of the Goddesses, especially Sudenitsa, The Woman Who Sits In Judgement, because everyone already relied on them for luck and good births.

The Propagandists encouraged Ip-Ara'dare to give reverence to the one who would sit in judgement of their souls, and that made a lot of sense to them. They wanted to know "how" to properly revere them, and that spurned Durga "Ghost" Bloodfist to write The Way of the Warrior.

The Way of the Warrior singlehandedly elevated the status of these minor goddesses to make them important in the lives of most goblins. It detailed the way a warrior should give reverence to the one who birthed you, the one who named you, and the one that judges you. The warrior caste of the goblins always gives honour to their ancestors, especially one's mother as well as one's Kax'Vee if they are not they same.

Personality Characteristics


The motivation of these goddesses is as enigmatic as fate and fortune. They can be as gregarious and friendly as a tinker and as cold and serious as an undertaker.
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Divine Classification
Lawful Neutral
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Usually Purple
Purple or Blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Green or Blue
1 m {3 ft 3 in)
18 kg (40 lb) each


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