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The Honoured Dok'Kril have been a sign of security and prosperity since the foundation of the Fomorian Empire. Bare-chested warriors with their distinctive twin swords, the Da'kril and the Nu'kril , have eased the hearts of Old Ladies, and raced the hearts of young men and women, since it all began. It is generally believed that Elatha the Ever-Ready developed the art of Dok'Kril training and fighting with Elven captors during the "Slave Years" and passed the art down to his 13 Captains.
It is generally expected that one of a noble's children (traditionally boys) are trained in the Family Style of Dok'Kril because, as you can imagine, there are as many styles as there are masters whom they call Warlord, Dok'Kril.


The basic division of Dok'kril is along 5 main ranks and a number of political ranks. The 5 main ranks are;   Warrior, Dok'kril   Sergeant (at Arms), Dok,kril   Champion, Dok'kril   Lord, Dok'kril and   Warlord, Dok'Kril.   Within the Warlord Rank there are degrees or "Orders", 1st through 5th and Highest A Warlord begins as Warlord of the First Order and progresses through to Warlord of the Highest Order, though these ranks are political and not tied to skill level.


The culture of the Dok'Kril permeates Fomorian Society. Everything from Militant Armed Challenges over matters of honour to touching one's forehead with the left fist when addressing a priestess began with the Dok'kril. Traditionally, the art has been restricted to Balorians, and usually those of noble birth, and always restricted to males. However, one school, called the Heartfirst School under Warlord of the Third Order, Vlad Bloodfist has trained Goblins in the art, which would surely have lead to the death of Vlad, were there any tough enough and desiring enough to challenge him.   However, the rigid honour code of the Dok'Kril is hammered (sometimes with a fist) into the heads and hearts of every potential Warrior, Dok'kril before they ever don the White Bracers.   Every Balorian Warrior, tries to emulate the Dok'kril and their code, though most, like most adherents to an idea, fall short of the ideal.   Which brings us to Rank Insignia, how does one know they are talking to a master or a student? Well the colour of their bracers. Dok'kril wear no armor except a pair of bracers. These ceremonial bracers vary in tenor and appearance with one common feature; the colour.   A Warrior, Dok'kril "dons the White Bracers" when he swears to uphold the Dok'kril code.   His first recognition of skill comes when he is given Red Bracers and awarded the title of Sergeant (at Arms), Dok,kril   Then he is recognised as a Champion, Dok'kril and made to wear Gold Bracers.   Subsequently he becomes a Lord, Dok'kril and his Bracers are Green.   and finally, after many challenges, he is honoured as a Warlord, Dok'Kril and given Purple Bracers to wear.   The Warlords bracers are marked with one to five "slashes" in different colours representing his order. A Warlord of the First Order has one silver slash. A Warlord of the Second Order has two red slashes. Then a Warlord of the Third Order has three gold slashes. A Warlord of the Fourth Order has four green slashes, and a Warlord of the Fifth Order wears bracers with 5 blue slashes.   A Warlord of the Highest Order wears a set of Bracers with ten slashes, five in one direction and five crossing those with a pure gold colour, on the purple bracers.

Public Agenda

The Dok'kril exist to defend the Fomorian Empire from all enemies, both without and within. They uphold the highest standards of Honour, like Dwarven Knights or Human Samurai and would sooner bite off and choke to death on their own tongues than betray a Fomorian.


The Dok'kril have assets in all the Major Orcish Clans and can call upon a surprising amount more than their immediate appearance would belie. This is because most are connected to the noble clans and many are nobles themselves.


The Dok'kril Art is officially older than the Empire. Tradition teaches that Elatha taught it to his Captains on the trip through space that led them to Elatha. Since that time the art has developed into over 100 schools in all the 13 Clans.
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