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The Da'kril or "Glory Blade" is the principle weapon of the Dok'Kril . Wielded in the champion's primary hand, the da'kril leads his attacks, and is the primary weapon for counter attacks. It is generally wielded alongside it's mate, in the off hand, the Nu'kril or "Left Blade".   The da'kril is a form of Bastard Sword, and anyone proficient with a bastard sword may wield a da'kril as one. For those who are taught it's secrets, it is a powerful tool for disarming and sundering. The blade and cross quillons of a da'kril are designed to trap and disarm or sunder weapons smaller than itself. The third of the blade above the ricasso is heavily serrated to catch the opponent's one handed weapons, and the quillons of the weapon curve sharply upward to lever trapped weapons to break them or disarm the opponent.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Against one-handed, or light weapons, the da'kril gains a +2 equipment bonus to sunder and disarm attempts and the da'kril does full damage against objects it can lever to break


The enlightened blades, or Dok'kril as they are known together are the symbol of the orcish paragons, also called Dok'Kril. The Dok'kril warriors are gifted a set of Dok'kril that they will keep with them for the rest of their lives to be passed to a descendant when they die. Impersonating a Dok'kril is a death sentence for dishonoring the blades and the tradition.
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Item type
Weapon, Melee
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
These weapons are highly valued among the orcs, and by highly valued I mean priceless in terms of Honour. To touch one without permission or without the proper reverence is a death sentence to the fool unlucky enough to find himself in possession of such a blade.
6-8 lb/2-3.5 kg
4.5ft long x 1ft wide/1.5m long x 0.3m wide
Base Price
500 gp
Raw materials & Components
Da'kril are usually made of the highest quality metal that can be acquired. Ingots of high carbon steel and meteoric metals like adamantine are horded by master smiths in the hopes that they will be called to make a dok'kril set. The handle may be of reasonably any material, and it usually possesses a through or hidden tang to which is attached a weighty pommel.
A da'kril cannot be made without a high quality forge, with a Dragon Bellows. The smith must begin with the highest quality steel or other metal that there is. The bladesmith also requires pure clay with which to clay temper the spine of the blade. Handle material should be worthy of the blade though any thing is acceptable if it's nice enough.


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