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The Glassers

'I fear not the ignorant, but the willfully ignorant... with weapons.' - Wise (and Alive) Wizard

The 'Glassers' are a loosely-formed and malicious cult organization operating in the Aemark Kingdom for the past 300 years. While the ill-informed uninformed may believe their anti-magic tenets are well-founded, they are a mindlessly destructive cult profiteering on the ignorance fears of the masses. (There's no reason to insult the reader, Sheyla.) The Kingdom's nobility recognizes the danger of the subversive element and ratified a decree to imprison or exile all Glassers from Aemark. However, the average guard or soldier is unlikely to recognize one nor may they be inclined to act upon such orders.  

History and Founding

The Glassers' origins are a matter of debate, but their official history traces their lineage to the 'discovery' of the Black Catastrophe, which is a mythical and preposterous tale regarding the creation of Black Glass Bowl. In short, they posit the Bowl formed through a massive summoning of the 'Demon King' (an entity whose existence is theoretical) and the resulting magical blast of pyromancy and destruction issued forth in retaliation.   Obviously, no evidence has ever been found to support this supposition, nor have scholars detected any notable magic from the Bowl. Despite this, the Glasser narrative attracts many with anti-magic views drawn from either a negative experience with wizards, jealousy of arcane aptitude, concern for an oppressive magical uprising, or otherwise ignorant misplaced malice. The originator of the movement is unknown, but the mantle of leader, called 'Drahkun's Arm' (to the consternation of Rundic priests), passes from one to the next over the centuries.   (Someday, you'll accept there will always be dangerously ill-informed people with weapons, Sheyla. Just... just tone it down, okay?)   Among government and military officials, foreign nations are blamed for the formation of the Glassers. The founding of the cult is estimated to have occurred in the 700's PoA. Aemark's expansion led by Markus the Third occured during the mid-to-late 600's, which would predate the organization by perhaps a few decades. Thus, it is suspected either the Al'Orphic Alliance or Kaokut Coalition is responsible for stirring the legend and subsequent sentiment among the populace. Between the two nations, the Alliance is considered more likely due to their greater knowledge and practice of magic.  

Tenets and Operations

Fundamental to their belief system is the axiom: 'Magic is unnatural.' While philosophers may discuss the merits of the 'natural,' the corollary to this tenet is '...and therefore evil.' While a leap of logic for many, to Glassers it is as core to their being as the Turbulence is to elves; becoming a religion of sorts. While attempts to sway their minds may succeed, such occurrences are rare and too few to reduce their numbers effectively.   Glassers undergo a 'pilgrimage' to Black Glass Bowl as part of their indoctrination. The trip is often delayed for years if not decades depending on when and where they joined the organization, but the upper ranks of their hierarchy require it. The 'Glass Shack' near the depression, which caters to them, would normally be useful in Aemark's effort to identify and arrest members, its inconvenient and remote location limits the practicality of doing so. Early attempts resulted in more casualties than prisoners.   The majority of the cult does little more than proselytize in adulation of their cause and shame those who do not subscribe to it. Were this the limit of their activities, the Kingdom would consider them an unpleasant nuisance. However, some Glassers target wizards or, unfortunately, non-wizards merely suspected of using magic or arcane devices. Most wizards with Academy training can defend themselves against hostile commoners and many do over the course of their education. Academies developed courses and guides on spotting and avoiding the cult to improve safety.   Glassers of the highest caliber are referred to as 'Purifiers' by both the group itself and external entities. These individuals are gifted, trained, and prepared killers aimed squarely towards killing wizards. Their success rate is a point of grave concern among the magical community, especially for Tolhonin Academy where the greatest number of assaults occur. The tactics behind their killings vary, but all are sneak attacks and other subtle methods designed to avoid direct confrontation.  

Purifier Watch and Protection

The covert intelligence gathered by Kingdom operatives and stealthier wizards allows for early warnings and planning. Through careful and deliberate investigation and subversion, murders by Purifiers have decreased more than 70% in the past three decades while the number of Glasser exiles increased threefold. Improved border control with Kaokut and the Alliance may contribute to these changes because foreign interference is reduced, but this is a correlation at best.   The 'Purifier Watch' is a state of alert within magical communities, such as Academies, placing an emphasis on traveling in groups and protecting adepts from harm. Higher-ranking wizards accompany students and provide trinkets imbued with defensive spells or obscuring illusions when traveling off-campus. As further evidence for the theory of foreign intervention, the Watch is invoked rarely around Telancla Academy in western Aemark and far more frequently in the Grand Arcane and particularly Tolhonin, which is closest to the central and southeastern warfronts.
Anti-Magic Cult

Founding Date
700's PoA

Current Leader
'Drahkun's Arm' (unknown)


Unknown (suspected the 'Glass Shack')

Geographic Location
Aemark Kingdom - Location

Parent Organization
Unknown (suspected Al'Orphic Alliance or Kaokut Coalition)


Purifier Watch

The Academy Purifier Watch has designated the area surrounding Tolhonin Academy and Venprenta as a moderate risk for students. Please do not exit Academy grounds or visit Venprenta unless accompanied by fourth-year students or a Kingdom wizard.   Again? Glad I'm in the Grand. Though I suppose we did have one just last month...  
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Written by Sheyla Enelladalcol Aeleat

Edited by Shikya Enelladalcol Aeleat

Mindcepts by Ella Enelnasalcol Malric

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