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Black Glass Bowl

Dry. Really dry. Hot. Well... really hot. Basically inhospitable.

Black Glass Bowl is so named for its saucer-like shape and the obsidian rock making up the majority of the depression. Located in the southern Arid Flat nearby the northeastern tributary of the Aeclind River, its origin remains unknown, though many offer their ideas on the subject. Regardless, the Bowl is a breathtaking wonder evoking the scale of the world and our small place in it. Artists, scholars, and 'pilgrims' consider it an important destination for the life path.   (Is there a reason pilgrim is in quotes, Sheyla...?)  

Origins and History

No single theory on the origin of the Bowl has reached full, multinational consensus. The leading one states a massive reservoir of either chemicals or explosive substance was located underneath the Arid Flat, which had lain dormant for millennia. At some point in the distant past, something penetrated the ground and ignited the collection and catastrophically altered the region into the current formation. The obsidian formed from extreme heat and pressure, which wizards have emulated in high-intensity combination pyromancy and geomancy experiments at the Grand Arcane Academy in the fifth century PoA.   Scholars continue to propose alternatives to the leading theory. A recent one offered by astrological theorist Bernard Trave of Rundheart posits a massive chunk of material crashed into the surface at unbelievable speed, crushing and heating the rock as it spewed forth vast amounts of soil and earth. While the research has gained traction in his native country, Bernard is unable to convince the populace of Aemark because of the established reservoir theory.   A less-enlightened group, called the Glassers, continues to proselytize the clearly and obviously debunked Black Catastrophe story. These miscreants have indoctrinated a worrisome proportion of commoners into a hostile stance against everyday magic. The most extreme among them are no better than terrorists destroying both trust in and the life of wizards.   (Gods, Sheyla... We're trying to keep the bias to a minimum... even though you're absolutely right. ... You know what? I take it back. Leave it in.)  


The scale of the depression is hard to imagine without actually seeing it firsthand. The diameter is just under three-quarters of a mile and reaches a depth of almost 550 feet. Compared to the Flat, the lip of the Bowl rises more than 100 feet, with a nearly precipitous drop into its inner slopes. The earth of the rise surrounding it is densely formed, but easy to walk safely. Inside, however, the upper sides must be descended as one would a mountain. The transition from soil to packed stones to rust-colored sediment and back to sharp rock makes for a challenging climb.   Once reaching a walkable decline, the surface transitions to the Bowl's characteristic obsidian, which is far more dangerous. The slick veneer provides little purchase without specialized, spiked footwear and even then cracks and shatters beneath the unfortunate. Split shards can slice and embed themselves in flesh and the complexity of extracting someone often means a slow death. To this day, the bones of the foolish remain (or of brave and careful scholars).   Should one survive the descent, the oppressive heat radiating from the dark surface contributes to exhaustion, fever, and eventual collapse without the aid of cryomancy. Prepared expeditions always include several cryomancers operating in rotation to reduce the risk of heat stroke. Those who fall to the ground suffer burns on exposed skin from the baking temperature of the obsidian. For these reasons, research into the Bowl's origins proceeds slowly, if at all.  

Nearby Settlements

There are no formal settlements near the Black Glass Bowl. A single inn stands out as the sole bastion of civilization. The 'Glass Shack' accepts all travelers willing to venture forth, but caters especially to Glassers, who happily and ignorantly perpetuate its existence through donations. Scholars investing in actual research instead of mindless devotion to an unfounded and subversive mockery of a religion spend as little time at the establishment as they can because of the poor treatment they receive. When possible, researchers form their own camp on the outskirts of the depression.   (Okay, I'm starting to consider removing some of this... I'd rather not find myself on the wrong end of a Glasser's ire...)  


The somewhat nearby Green Barrier and Aeclind retain some animal populations, though they are primarily insects and beetles. Out in the Flat itself, and near the Bowl, little life survives. On rare days, one might see a vulture circling overhead, watching for a humanoid to take an ill-advised step. Though the birds are equally pained by the conditions within the formation, they land upon the body and pick at the flesh, taking a chunk of it with them as a prize. One scholar claimed to witness a miniature Ginroc on the far side of the Bowl, though, given the distance, there is little reason to believe them. Instead, it was most likely a product of exhaustion and a mirage.
Crater / Crater Lake / Caldera

Parent Location
Aemark Kingdom - Location

Owning Organization
Aemark Kingdom  


DON'T BELIEVE THE LIES THEY TELL YOU!!! MAGIC IS EVIL!!!   Dammit... You remove one and two more appear. Don't they tire of this?  
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