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Arid Flat

Absolutely nothing there. Except maybe some bugs... and heat exhaustion.

In the central Aemark Kingdom, the unique formation of the Green Barrier encloses a 'U'-shaped area. Owing to the weather patterns surrounding it, the region receives little to no rain, hence its name: the Arid Flat. Life is sparse, if there at all. The only notable attraction beyond the slopes of the mountains is Black Glass Bowl, though some traverse south to north as a challenge, which is not advised without considerable experience and preparation.  


The Arid Flat is defined by the climate resulting from the majestic peaks of the Barrier. The northernmost edge transitions to the Tirin Hills gradually, allowing grasses and light vegetation to penetrate the boundary set by the road between the Old Ironshaft Mine and the local outpost to its east. Where the region borders the mountains, the slopes rapidly shift from rocky soil and earth to the cracked clay-like surface of the Flat.   Weather patterns dictate storms precipitate against the mountainsides opposite the Flat on the western, southern, and eastern sides, depriving it of water. Its only source of water is the Aeclind River, which is fed by rainfall along the eastern Barrier and runoff from the Hills at its north. Even though the waterway feeds a local population of fauna, the benefits do not extend far.   Scholars agree the its origin is as an old lakebed, which evaporated or otherwise disappeared over time. This is evidenced by similar earthen patterns found in areas where modern lakes receded and the elevation steadily drops towards the center of the area, though this change is unnoticeable to the common traveler. Thus, in truth, the Arid Flat is not flat.   Of interest to many, the Black Glass Bowl at the southern tip has intrigued scholars and commoners alike, which its unique obsidian surface and grand size. Much debate surrounds its origins, but a lack of consensus does not deter researchers or less savory individuals from visiting.  

Nearby Settlements

As one would expect of a hostile, dry climate, few settlements exist. The most significant is the outpost at its northern edge, which is arguably outside the Flat. The Kingdom military maintains this post to fend off bandits pillaging caravans between Entrin or the locals at the nearby aether vent and western Aemark. The soldiers on patrol carry extra rations of water to combat the drier clime as compared with their comrades in other regions.   The second notable location is the 'Glass Shack,' which primarily hosts Glassers, a group known for their miserably ill-informed and dangerously hostile views towards magic. Their dim-witted belief in the Black Catastrophe notwithstanding, their proclivities for harassment and even murder should leave them without support, but the Shack continues to host them on their pilgrimage to the Bowl.   (I feel as though we have the same conversation about Glassers every month, Sheyla...)  


The ecosystem is harsh and unforgiving, leading to a minimal amount of flora and fauna. Out in the lakebed, scholars have yet to find any significant creatures. Some return claiming to have seen a miniature Ginroc skittering on top of the cracked surface, but they found no tracks or corroborating evidence. The Barrier's slopes, however, do host a variety of life.  

Western Slopes

During the spring, the green kelp on the upper reaches of the mountains extends further down towards the Flat. With its extension, life returns to the edges of the dry clime throughout late spring, summer and early autumn. Grasses return briefly along with other forms of small vegetation, but also rodents and rabbits. Preying upon the diminutive wildlife are small, aggressive cats adapted to take advantage of what meat it can before retreating to the snow line for the winter.   The more commonly found animals are species of small birds, who nest on the wet side of the Barrier and travel between the peaks to feast upon the mountain kelp in winter or the foliage during the growing season. Competition with other fauna is lessened compared to their nesting grounds, which is a worthy trade-off for the journey.  

Eastern Slopes

The Aeclind provides sustenance to mostly insects and beetles, which are extraordinary numerous. Some create intricate underground complexes for their colony while others develop sandy pillars crawling with their kin. Grasses and reeds flourish nearby, but rarely grow more than a few meters from the water's edge, except on the Barrier's side where they extend up the slope a modest distance. Mosquitoes and other pests inhabit the stagnant water trapped by plants. (Ew. I hate this. I hate all of this.) Small birds accustomed to a semi-aquatic life and able to ignore the constant chittering of insects prey upon the tiny denizens infesting every yard of banks.
Lake, Dry

Parent Location
Aemark Kingdom - Location

Owning Organization
Aemark Kingdom  

The Flat Race

Think the Arid Flat is boring? Think again! With all that space, you can push your horses to the max! Join us for the first annual Flat Race 100! One hundred miles of adventure!   I can only assume these people have a grudge against horses and want to kill them in the most demeaning and painful way possible.
Written by Sheyla Enelladalcol Aeleat

Edited by Shikya Enelladalcol Aeleat

Mindcepts by Ella Enelnasalcol Malric

Cover image: Arid Flat by SK Kage (via MidJourney)


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