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Grand Arcane Academy

Feels more like home than anywhere else.

The most prestigious Academy within the Aemark Kingdom (and current home to Shikya Enelladalcol Aeleat). Supposedly founded by Agranthor, it relocated from its original location due to advanced in magical technology. As a major Academy, it provides education for all eleven magical disciplines, but its specialty is in practical applications of magic, not just theory.  

Overview and History

Grand Arcane Academy - Mindcept
Grand Arcane Academy by SK Kage (via Firefly)
The Grand Arcane Academy is now situated on a sprawling campus, covering more than 1,000 acres of land in the central complex plus nearly ten thousand more of the surrounding land and forest. Previously, when it was originally founded in 20 PoA, it was located on the outskirts of Aemark City, but was later reloated to its current location in 471 PoA after aether vent manipulation technology matured. As the premier Aemark Academy, the monarchy endeavors to maintain its appearance as an ideal, contributing significant sums to keep the buildings in repair and modernize them wherever possible. Fortunatley, the nearby aether vent provides a convenient source of energy for modern magical accoutrements such as aether lamps, permanent illusions, and temperature control.   The original founders are a matter of debate among historians. Independent historians believe that seveal direct disciples of Agranthor was responsible for the founding of the first era of the Grand. Agranthor's disciples were known for a wide breadth of magical abilities and were responsible for other Academies as well. However, some Aemark historians believe that it was Agranthor himself that fonded the Grand Arcane Academy. If true, it would only add to the prestige of the institution.   The second era of the Grand began with the introduction of the East and West Campuses, as additions to the renamed South Campus. Beginning with a considerable influx of Marks from the nobility and the King directly, the Grand rapidly reshaped itself. The expansion led to an increase in the number of students, a broader selection of discplines, and superior professors. Of these, the increased number of students was most consequential because military service was, and still is, a requirement for any financial benefits toward tuition. Unsurprisingly, the second era of the Grand marked a significant increase in tuiton costs.   Arguably, the Academy is entering a third era with the new North Campus, which serves as a bed for both magical research and practical combat. It is not yet clear whether this experimental area of the Grand will stand the test of time, but early indications are positive. Recent graduates entering the military have been well received by their regiments and are better able to defend themselves.  

Layout and Structure

The current form of the Grand Arcane Academy includes four main campuses, which are given the name of the closest cardinal direction (that is, north, south, east, and west). The original portion of the Grand, the South Campus, consists of a broad collection of different types of buildings and uses, ranging from dormitories to alchemy labs to summoning chambers to a training hall for combat. However, most of the dormitories have been repurposed into a range of supply closets and storage units. The individual classrooms and chambers have been targeted towards conjuration magic due to the availability of materials and ingredients in storage. (Other Academies express jealousy over the quality and quantity of the Grand's stores.)   The East Campus has always been devoted to living space, though not just dormitories for student's rooms. The central feature of the sprawling set of buildings is the cafeteria. Designed to incorporate easy access and high throughput, it never seems to be full despite the size of the student population. Though the food is highly regarded as restaurant-quality, the coffee is consistently noted as a point of consternation, leading to the development of a small underground market for alternative coffee. Each of the individual dorms is appointed with large baths, rest areas, and a courtyard for students to enjoy. Every student is given their own, relatively small room rather than doubling or tripling students up in larger rooms.   The Grand's West Campus houses classrooms for both evocation and law magic, with the larger classrooms being given to evocation. Law magic generally does not require large space and is given a variety of small, densely-packed rooms for instruction. Each of the evocation classrooms has been designed with a particular school of magic in mind. Those devoted to pyromancy have strong, permanent enchantments to cool the room; cryomancy rooms have the opposite effect; aeromancy classrooms are located on the top floors and open to the air; and geomancy classes are on the ground floot and lack wooden or stone flooring (so as to access the ground more easily).   Finally, the North Campus, the newest addition to the Grand, includes a research center and training fields. The research center consists of a series of buildings enchanted to house unique biomes enabling professors and researchers to practice new techniques. Discoveries made in the research center are planned to rollout to the warfronts that the Kingdom is involved it and hopefully speed its progress. Similarly, the training fields are designed with the military in mind, but are used not just for magical combat practice. Students have recently been given instruction in martial defense, primarily in the use of the quarterstaff, as well as physical training. The Kingdom's armies have complained of the poor constitution and strength of Academy graduates for decades and the Grand took it upon itself to institue a new curriculum led by a retired military general.  

Surrounding Area

The most obvious local feature is the nearby aether vent to the south, which has been built into a fortress of defensive magic and physical barriers. A contingent of wizards and soldiers lives in perpetuity within the walls to protect the aether vent from sabotage or unapproved manipulation. The energy from the vent is carried to power the expansive set of enchantments and spells in the Academy, affording it a level of comfort and convenience found in just a few places in Aemark.   To the north, the southern portion of the Singing Forest blocks the view of the Aeclind River, but the haunting notes of the river valley can carry through to the Academy on windy days (hence the name). Beyond the canopy lies the Green Barrier, whose peaks offer a pleasant view from the Academy rooftops. Most students are familiar with the first few hundred feet of the forest edge due to the training regimens running them through the forest edge, but few make regular trips into the forest.   To the northwest lies Venleif, a town that grew up across the river and in the shadow of the Academy. It has benefited from the deep pockets of noble students and from the magical items exported from the Academy, which are often sold from specialty stores within Venleif itself.
University / Educational Complex

Parent Location
Aemark Kingdom - Location

Owning Organization
Aemark Kingdom  

Apply for Benefits!

Want to join the ranks of the prestigious Grand Arcane Academy? Have a magical aptitude that dwarfs your friends? We can help cover the costs!   Scholarships are mostly mythical, at least from the Academy itself. Go find a wealthy merchant.  
Written by Sheyla Enelladalcol Aeleat

Edited by Shikya Enelladalcol Aeleat

Mindcepts by Ella Enelnasalcol Malric

Cover image: Grand Arcane Academy by SK Kage (via Firefly)


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