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Good place to unwind and relax. As a bonus, the stuffy, rich Academy students stick to campus.

The town of Venleif grew to its current size and prominence primarily due to the nearby Grand Arcane Academy rather than through other factors. Before its official founding, the settlement was little more than a collection of merchant stalls on the opposite bank of the Aeclind River from the Grand. Students and professors alike would visit to sell magical goods, which would later make their way to the rest of the Aemark Kingdom. The formal designation of Venleif was established after Jerrick Veneltval Leif was granted the land and built his manor on the outskirts of the Singing Forest.  

History and Founding

Prior to the relocation of the Grand Arcane Academy in 471 PoA, the area betwixt the northern Singing Forest and the Aeclind was almost empty except for a road crossing from west to east. A single building, the Siren's Song, occupied the landscape, so named for captivating if sorrowful sounds of the valley. It provided a place to rest and sustenance for masons maintaining the bridge across the river and merchants passing through from Aemark City or Talplotin Academy to the Kaokut Coalition, whose lands extended to the eastern tributary of the Aeclind at the time.   Trade between the Coalition and Kingdom maintained the Siren's Song and allowed it to grow into a somewhat famous landmark amongst merchants. However, when the Grand re-established itself next to the aether vent on the opposing side of the river, the Siren's Song was quickly overwhelmed by the influx of goods, visitors, and increased traffic. Sensing opportunity, many individuals extended their businesses to include stalls or shops near the tavern to advantage themselves, growing the local infrastructure to the size of an unofficial small town.   Venleif continued in this fashion until the reign of Markus the Third starting in 640 PoA, whose campaigns against the Kaokut Coalition in the mid-to-late 600's resulted in land grants to nobles who had proven themselves in the war. One such noble was Jerrick Veneltval Leif. Ven Leif led the strategic expansion of northeastern Aemark almost to its current borders and was offered several choices for his efforts. He selected and founded Venleif due to its potential as a trading hub at the new center of the Kingdom.  

Infrastructure and Trade

Of most significant note, the Leif family's grounds occupy 1,500 acres extending into parts of the forest, replete with gardens, stables, pastures, and the manor itself. As is Aemark custom, visiting nobility are expected to visit, dine, and rest within its halls, eschewing much of Venleif proper. The present lord, Jera Venaltval Leif, levies a tax on all sales within the town, but merchants do not find the fee overly burdensome compared to other cities. Even so, the property tax on land and buildings pains residents providing supporting services, forcing many to rent from landlords, whose rooms are sometimes offered at punishing rates.   Critical to the success of Venleif is the Magical Avenue, which is a long stretch along the main road filled with stalls and stores both buying and selling magical goods. Because of the Grand, the demand for reagents and components is higher than nearly any other location in Aemark and the opportunities for students to sell their prototypes and devices is highly attractive. A large proportion of magical businesses found their start in contracts with Venleif storefronts by transmutation adepts at the Academy. However, savvy individuals recognize the danger of purchasing new contraptions enchanted by students compared with more established vendors. Accidents are rare, but a source of significant wariness for informed customers.   The secondary product sold in Venleif is wine. To the northwest, the vineyards of the Daymark Hills bordering the Northern Fields are processed and transported to Venleif for sale. While Talplotin is geographically closer and easier to travel to, the Leif family invested heavily in the vineyards in exchange for selling the resulting drink within the town borders, contributing a portion of profits via tax. Although the wineries have since passed the period of the contract, the momentum of the Venleif wine market continues to make it an appealing location for sales.  

The Issue of Bandits

Where there is trade, there are bandits. The road through the Daymark Hills affords the unsavory an opportunity for a quick Mark. Venleif spends a notable sum arming a local militia to provide guard services for caravans passing through the Hills, but not all merchants are able to gather guards for there are simply not enough to cover the entirety of the trade.   The highwaymen started as disorganized bands looting unprotected groups, but eventually grew into a formal organization. Pillaging the route had led to a strong response from both Aemark City and Venleif, which reduced their intake and culled their numbers. Instead, the current crop of bandits merely taxes passing merchants, which sometimes is less expensive than hiring guards, depending on the value of the shipment.

Jerrick Veneltval Leif

Parent Location
Aemark Kingdom - Location

Owning Organization
Aemark Kingdom  

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