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Daymark Hills

The bandits have learned better than to rob the caravans transporting wizards from Talplotin to the Grand.

The Daymark Hills is a region of gently rolling, temperate hills characterized by grassland rather than larger vegetation. Previously, it was a common area for bandits to roam, but is now routinely patrolled by Aemark militia to minimize food loss along the primary road. The bandits still exist, but have become more organized and less violent by merely taxing unprotected trade caravans instead of robbing them.
Rolling Hills
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Owning Organization
Written by Sheyla Enelladalcol Aeleat

Edited by Shikya Enelladalcol Aeleat

Mindcepts by Ella Enelnasalcol Malric

Cover image: by James Lee (Unsplash)


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