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The local tavern 'Wise Soldier's Rest' is perfectly accurate: retiring is smart.

As the largest town near the central and southeastern warfronts, Venprenta houses a considerable number of contingents either on their way to or returning from battle. Most amenities focus on providing resources and rest for the Aemark Kingdom's war efforts against the Al'Orphic Alliance and Kaokut Coalition. Residents are generally retired members of the military, and their families, continuing to do their part in supporting the nation's expansion.  

History and Founding

Prior to the reign of Markus the Third (640 PoA), the Coalition occupied the region bordering the eastern tributaries of the Aeclind River. In the land where Venprenta now sits, there was a robust dwarven and gnomish settlement called Naganth with pastures and grazing plains. They nurtured a long line of highly-prized horses and cattle, which sold for high profits in greater Kaokut. Trading caravans frequented the area, even from foreign nations. Many of the champions in Aemark horseracing trace their lineage to stallions purchased from Naganth.   However, as Markus pursued the campaign against them, the residents of the town slowly migrated back to larger Kaokutian cities beyond the Giant's Shelf. By the year 670, the Kaokutians abandoned Naganth and the Kingdom occupied it by 700 PoA. Though the high-quality dwarven craftsmanship impressed the invaders, they could not make use of it due to their stature. Over the next few years, they razed the town and the King granted the region to the commander of the southern expansion force: Kregna Veneltlaeval Prenta.   Ven Prenta chose the former site of Naganth for the founding of her future city, Venprenta, in 715 PoA. In its early years, it survived as little more than a location for commanders to gather and discuss strategy, but the tents and makeshift barracks eventually gave way to proper houses and infrastructure. The long war against the Alliance and Kaokut necessitated a more permanent presence and Ven Prenta gave retiring officers substantial incentives to settle nearby, empowering them to advise newcomers of battle-hardened tactics and spin stories of valor.  

Infrastructure and Trade

Contrary to usual practice, the lord Ven Prenta selected only a single acre of land for their 'manor,' which is a modest house at best. In response to the inevitable questions among the nobility, she legendarily said, 'I would sooner see myself buried by my enemies than live in the hedonism of excess.' This attitude carries through the rest of the settlement, where function comes before form. The militaristic care given to ensuring lawful activities and swift carriage of both everyday tasks and justice results in a tight and tough atmosphere few visitors are prepared to handle.   For these reasons, trade is relatively light except for military supply lines tying the warfronts to the rest of the Kingdom. Merchants who ply their goods to soldiers and residents find barter challenging and ill-advised when under the watchful gaze of the town guard. Profiteering is punishable by severe sentences and judges assume the entire mercantile class unsavory by nature, except for the few with prior service and experience.   Notably, Venprenta is one of only two places where chitin wheat is processed into chitin bread (the other being Kaedruln). The resulting foodstuffs find their way into the hands of military wizards quickly and efficiently, though a proportion is diverted to Tolhonin Academy and sometimes the Grand Arcane Academy depending on the season's harvest.  

Military Significance

Thousands of former officers and infantry live in Venprenta, many of whom raise families in their post-military life. However, current commanders frequently call upon them to offer advice or other wisdom in informal sessions called 'Rehearsals,' which is a reference to a term Ven Prenta used for intra-Kingdom exercises for training. These meetings include a rotating set of selected representatives, chosen by social and economic leaders within the town. 'Fresh perspective yields fresh blood,' as they say.   The pool of tactical and strategic knowledge makes Venprenta a target for spies and assassins, increasing the importance of a well-trained and alert militia. The past two decades in particular show a marked jump in the number of prisoners of war captured thanks to their vigilance. Though not an officially recognized practice, some 'gather information' from these individuals using less-than-humane tactics, which is a subject to avoid should one visit the town.

Kregna Veneltlaeval Prenta

Parent Location
Aemark Kingdom - Location

Owning Organization
Aemark Kingdom


Keep Thy Gaze

Watch. Listen. Alert. Do not forget we fight for the glore of the Kingdom and must not show the 'Orphics or 'Kuts any quarter! If you see anything unusual, report to the nearest watchman.   I'd be happier is they didn't use slurs in these ads, but I know better than to argue with them about it.  
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