Servants of Ruler

Servants of Ruler were militant forces that were formed after The Great War  to keep people tightly under the dominion of Ruler . They had grim reputation as they usually intervened any misconduct with harsh brutality.


There were strict hierarchy in Servants of Ruler. The most higher ranking members, leaders, were all chosen by Ruler and were interacting straightly with him/her. Then there were areal leaders, commanders, that got their commands from the leaders, and their subordinates where the captains of the troops.

There were also the hierarchy in the training and schooling system of new Servants of Ruler. The highest ranking member there were the principle as in every other schooling system. The principle was also one of the leaders. Then there were the elder teachers, that were ranking as commanders, and teachers, ranked as captains.

Within the students there were also ranks: every student group had their leading student known as spokes student, who were the representatives of their groups, and interacted with senior students, a small group of elite students, that were interacting as representatives of students with teachers.

As the strict hierarchy was susceptible for misconduct and corruption the organisation also had secret organisation within known as Watchers of Servants. Watchers did no have tight hierarchy and only the small amount members of this organisation were publicly known and most member were anonymous. Also any person could give information of misconduct of Servant of Ruler to a known Watcher. This gave the Watchers huge power within Servants of Ruler.


Servants of Ruler were quite inbred group of people. New Servants of Ruler were almost exclusively offspring of Servants of Rulers and they tend to marry and reproduce only with each other as they saw themselves as superior to common people. The tight hierarchy and customs of Servants of Ruler were instilled to Servants from the early age.


There were no need for law enforcement organisation before The Great War as gods made sure that everybody followed law, when gods and people lived tightly together. The Great War made the gods abandon people. Suddenly there was no-one to enforce the law and to this need Servants of Ruler was founded.

The first Servants of Ruler were the most accomplished warriors fighting for Ruler at The Great War. They had experienced the horrors of the war and as they saw any form of rebel against the law of the ruler as potential igniter of next war, their methods of keeping up the law were brutal and merciless. They quickly grew ferocious reputation among the common people. Later generations of Servants of Ruler developed more sophisticated methods of keeping the peace and enforcing the law than those straightforward brutal ways, but they still lived up the ferocious reputation and some even argue that the later generations were more dangerous and cruel to common people than the first ones.


Servants of Ruler were phenomenon of Dark years. When the Gods started to interact with people once again and Wrath of Gods had established deep fear inside people, Servants of Ruler were for the first time responsible for their actions to some higher power. Their actions did not withstand well within the eyes of the Gods and the organisation could no longer exist in the form it had been and Servants of Ruler were disbanded and Forces of Ruler were formed from the ruin.
Successor Organization

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