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The Silver Blades

In The Trolloch Federation (Region) there are myths and rumors of many different beasts attuned to the moons Nestorus and Gerasimul. Creatures who gain power as the sun goes down and the moons rise over the horizon. These stories are the kind of thing whispered over a campfire, or muttered at a table in a dark bar. Outside of the cities, and some times even inside the cities it is not safe to travel at night in the region of The Trolloch Federation (Region): you never now what you may run into.   Were-beasts, Ghosts, Vampires, and other even more ancient creatures which hunt at night roam the lands seeing prey.   Fully aware of the dangers: an organization was formed in the shadows to make the land a little safer. This group became known for the silver blades they all carried - blades invested with the will and power of various sorts to better cut at the terrors of the night. There are numerous ways to contact them and to ask for help, but the 'classic' way of asking assistance is simple. A silver dagger with a note pinned to the door of a tavern - List a target or concern and in the night one of the blades will collect this document and consider the request.   For numerous reasons the organization is loosely organized and few members know more than a handful of others. Tending to hunt these terrors of the night alone, for greater threats they have been nown to band together and work in tandem. Recruitment is something few know about, it seems that if the silver Blades want you they'll let you know.   Keeping the nights a little safer in dark times: the Silver Blades watch over the Trolloch federation.
Guild, Assassins

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