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Necral (nek-rahl)

Deep in the Heartscar of Venidon lurks a great evil; a people connected through trauma, death, and tragedy. Incapable of compassion and deviod of morality, the Necral civilization plots to bring the death wrought upon them to the whole of Omath as payment for the sins of history.


Less a defined civilization or culture, the Necral are a loosely organized network of sentient undead. With little concern for logistics or sustainability, the Necral have one driving purpose: to eliminate life and spread the curse of undeath.   While the organization is somewhat informal, the leaders of the Necral are a group of liches who call themselves The Broken.

Public Agenda

Extermination of all life and conversion of the living to the undead.


As the Heartfire ripped through the pastoral setting of Venidon, Kethenica was ripped apart and destroyed by the force of the magic released. The other wizards around him, both Nuaira and Ezirandi, however, were not so fortunate. Their bodies were destroyed, but their spirits were tethered to the site of the catastrophe.    United in undeath, the spirits began to form a plan. They worked to break the bonds that held them to the site of Kethenica's Gambit and scoured the Grey Wastes. Scavenging the corpses of the fallen, the spirits rebuilt bodies for themselves and began to gather an army of mindless undead. Knowing their powers had waned in the aftermath of the catastrophe, they retreated to the Heartscar and began plotting. Over time, they would test the strength of their minions, sending them out into the Venidan communities along the coast to bolster their numbers, giving rise to the legend of The Creeping Death  Now, the Broken send their minions into the world to sew the curse of undeath and unite the land under the ash that claimed their lives.
Founding Date
1025 CE
Secret, Government
Alternative Names
People of the Broken Heart
Living Dead
Grave Kingdom
Parent Organization


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