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The Zapaiian Consortium

The Zapaiian Consortium was a group of merchants formed to foster trade between the kingdoms and across the continent of Parsaille.


The top level of the organization consisted of thirteen members, voted into annual office by representatives of their specialized groups among the farmers, manufactures, teamsters, and other specialized groups.  This council would create routes of distribution and other general policies of the consortium.  It is this organization that allowed the more radical members and actions of the consortium that eventually led to its splintering and demise.


An overlaid Z and N were used to create a stylized mark for goods produced, distributed, and sold via the consortium's network.  Despite the formal disbandment, goods occasionally carry this mark and connote goods of low quality.  Counterfeit goods may carry an obscured version of this mark known only to dealers of such good.

Public Agenda

The Zapaiian Consortium operated to distribute a wide variety of goods throughout Parsaille at affordable prices.  This approach attempted to break through monopolies and forced shortages intended to keep supply low and prices high prices.


The Zapaiian Consortium was formed was formed from a group of merchants attempting to compete against other more established and politically entrenched merchant organizations.  The original membership consisted of merchants that failed to join or were castout from more established organizations.  The consortium then recruited small farms and regional vendors to strengthen their collective bargaining and distribution systems.   The consortium struggled to take hold due their competition's employment of many tactics to maintain their respective holds over pricing and supply. Price wars, warehouse fires, hijacking, and outright murder were among the tactics used.


Two internal groups emerged, one attempting to maintain a law abiding approach and the other willing to employ any means to grow the organization.  Eventually these groups could not reconcile those differences and the group exploded, returning to small independent merchants, thieves, pirates, and farmers.

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Alternative Names
The Slugs. The Slags. The Zanies.


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