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Obsidian Order

An ancient shadowy organization, the Obsidian Order attempts to control as much of the civilized world as possible. Rather than having a public face to the organization, everything is done covertly. There is no political party or country that makes up the Order.


The primary goal of the organization seems to be to maintain and increase the power of its members. Documents of past members don't show a consistent pattern in terms of issues like war or peace, trade agreements, freedoms, etc.

Past Membership

Though members are usually secret, there are those that claimed membership and those whose membership was discovered upon their death. These members include wealthy merchants, generals, royalty, advisors, and more. Members seem to always be in positions of power.   Some scholars theorize that none of these past members were truly part of the Order and that it's all misdirection, but this leads to a strange circular thinking that get them nowhere.

Current Membership and Activities

There are currently no known members of the Order. There are signs that the Order may be making a play of some kind, or even changing how and why they recruit members. The country of Granhelm   is embroiled in a multi-year revolution. The lower class is banding together to overthrow the government while the military and aristocracy try to maintain the status quo.   Some of the revolutionaries call themselves the Obsidian Army. Their banner is highly reminiscent of the assumed crest of the Obsidian Order. The propaganda they spread bears the same crest.   Perhaps the strangest part of the events in Granhelm is the appearance of several monoliths scattered around the country, all made of black obsidian. They appear to serve no function and are clear of any writings. They aren't all the same size, though one is far larger than the others. Due to the violent conflicts of the nation, there hasn't been a chance to give adequate study to the monoliths.

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