Legends say they were blessed if the jumälät. The Evolu say it was Pääjuma Himself who blessed these mortals with long life.   One thing was certain--more than a thousand years ago, a small band of mortals was saved from sure death and given the gift of long life...because they dared to stand against impossible odds, refusing to die so they might defy evil.   These are the Nethinim.

Rumors at Best

Some call the Nethinim "freemen"--those who defy all monarchs and ruling classes that would bar a man or woman from choosing their own path. This is not against law--but against those who would deny one's right to live and die as they choose.   All Nethinim are indeed freemen, but not all freemen are Nethinim.   The common thread among Nethinim is their origin story. I've been able to gather some scraps in lore through the great library in Andilain, and even some notes from Chuck--but not much. When I approached individuals, most details were guarded--and when I pressed--was told that a common covenant forbade them from speaking of certain things.   Here's what I can tell you.
  • All the Nethinim met at the same location and experienced the same event at the same time.
  • The event occurred over 1000 years ago--but none of my interviews revealed an exact year. I've heard Animal call Chuck 'pup' on more than one occasion--so I'm going to guess significantly over 1000 years ago.
  • The only reference I found of "Himendor" (Heaven's Door) was through old maps, both from Evolu and Kutollum historical records. The village was once nestled at the foot of what is now the Blue Shore Hills.
  • Himendor was a port and trading location on the coast, where each of the Nethinim found themselves during an invasion.
  • Noe of the Nethinim knew one another before this specific event.
  • Each Nethinim received mortal wounds--but 'refused' to die. I specifically mean these individuals had such determination and will, their bodies should have given out long before they accomplished what they did.
Of all the records I've listed thus far, I hope my research does this the justice and honor they deserve.   What I have not found through actual reference I have collected through personal interviews over time, thanks in great part to Morphiophelius Smith (a.k.a. Chuck) and his connections.   May the Nethinim walk freely among mankind until they fulfill the measure of their creation...and put all their foes underfoot.  
~ Höbin
None would share how many received the gift or made the covenant. Besides, when you receive the 'eye' from Animal MacYoung, it's wise to stop asking.   This is a list of the Nethinim I am personally aware of through my own meetings, and through conversations with their brotherhood:  Animal
• Bear
• Sapien
• Cane
• Chimpy
• Tundra
• Banshee
• Polearm
• Doc
• Stone
Man at Arms
• Toma
Secret, Brotherhood

Home Location


Himendor Massacre - A Spot History

There would be tremendous holes in what I'm about to say- but it's all I have right now, pieced together from my notes...   The people were divided. No single ruler could sway nor control the people, most existing in tribes. The Northmen, Plainsmen, Highlanders, and Woodsmen- even the Seafolk had their own way. This division also opened up opportunities for Mahan to conquer or destroy those who opposed him.   There was no need for great armies when one tribe of humans refused to aid another. So ships anchored across many shores- red eyes looking for blood to spill and flesh to eat.   Himendor was a village run by the Beckem Clan- fishermen and trappers who were sick of the fighting and strong enough to enforce their own laws upon those seeking trade. All were welcome with an open hand of peace--yet it was here that Legion the general of the horde- attacked the village.   Hundreds of sharp-toothed savages raided homes, huts, and merchant shacks. Blood splattered the ground, running freely in the streets as women and children screamed in terror. Yet throughout Himendor there was openly-violent resistance. Strangers who fought back, shielding and protecting the innocent at the risk of their own lives.   Though I can't get many details from any of them--I'm told they all met at the center of the village at one point, driving legion and the horde back through the most brutal slaughter.   ...and each awoke at sunrise--healed and whole.


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