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Bracan da Libre

The Bracan da Libre (BDR) were a group of rebels within the territory of the Eoion Empire that used to be the free country of Braca. This changed after the conquest of Ilya Shiroko in 320. Braca, along with the other nations of the alliance, fell under the control of Eoion and the empire was established.    In 530, Timoff III ascended the throne. While his reign was initially peaceful, his descent into madness convinced him that the former citizens of Braca were worshipping a dark god in order to bring about the destruction of the empire. Due to this delusion, he began a holy war against them, despite the fact that their citizenry had been intermixing with the rest of the empire for just over two hundred years.    There had been a rebellion movement within the former kingdom for approximately twenty years and historians believe that it was news of this group that caused Braca to become the center of Timoff's paranoid delusions. Braca was the last to be conquered and some had never accepted foreign rule even after the country had become unified.    The BDR had been gathering followers since 534, under Achille Dumon, a descendent of one of the former Bracan noble families, and until the 550s had been mostly peaceful in their advocacy for the former country. Military action began in 557 with the attack of a local Eoin city government center. From there, the BDR used various methods of intimidation and violence to generate their rebellion.    Achille used Timoff's holy war as justification for increasing violence, beginning to use Eoin citizens and former Bracans who did not agree with BDR's mission as hostages and cannon fodder. In 560, an open war broke out between the Eoin government and the BDR. Heavy casualties were sustained on both sides until, in late 561, Natalay I deposed her brother and put down the rebellion using her newly created flying Ilyannoi. For this, she was given the nickname Skyrider.    Achille and the rest of the leaders of the BDR were captured and sentenced to death because of the failed revolt. However, remnants of the organization continued to cause attacks well into the 570s and 580s. This led to increased military presence in the area and many restrictions for those of Bracan descent.    The Shiroko Dynasty were masters of propaganda and successfully turned the population in the area against the BDR, blaming them for the sanctions. Given the failed and continuing violence, popular sentiment turned against them and they were forced into hiding.    At present, it has been approximately four hundred years since the organization was officially disbanded. However, they still have some followers and the destruction caused by the group has continued to haunt the Bracan descendants. It is due to their actions that harsh restrictions are still in place and the descendants are still attempting to re-earn their place in the good graces of the empire. Other citizens look down on them and they must fight to prove that they are not a threat to the stability of the country.

Freedom is Taken, We are not Yours

534 - 561

Illicit, Rebel
Alternative Names

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