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Shiroko Dynasty


  Began with the ascension of Ilya Shiroko to the throne through a civil war fought with the newly created monsters, termed Ilyannoi after their creator. There have been revolts in the past, but the Shiroko family continued to hold the throne. White hair and violet eyes became the staple of the royal family’s inbreeding which led to the bouts of insanity suffered from by later generations. Their initial skepticism of outside influences was not without foundation. Initially, the Shiroko married as normal, outside of their family, to strengthen alliances or for love. However, as they grew more powerful and their creatures more central to the country’s military power, other families wanted to know the secrets to their creation and purposely set their sons and daughters up to marry into the royal line. Without knowing if a person truly wanted them or were only after their secrets, the Shiroko began marrying the only people they could truly trust, their cousins and siblings.   Shiroko Dynasty (reigns only)  

Ilya I

The founder of the reigning dynasty of Eoion. Before coming to power, he was previously an essence magic user, an aliq-esh able to control both light and heat. He grew up in a lower aristocratic family, but became very skilled in essence magic through years of study. His work in fast switching between elements led to some claiming he could control two at once, an act that was supposed to be impossible. The rumors reached the king and Ilya was called to the palace. He demonstrated his technique and rather than be disappointed that the rumors were false, the king recognized his abilities and gave him a position as one of the High Esh, the most prestigious magic users in the kingdom. The position gave him access to forbidden books of magic and other very powerful esh as well. Through the ones who practiced fusion, he formulated the idea of combining two animals rather than merging a Sonem and an animal. This research led to the creation of Ilyannoi, which were instrumental in freeing Eoion's ally Ulena from their main military rival. When Ilya returned from the mission, he used the power of his new creatures to overthrow the king and install himself as ruler. He conquered the kingdom's previous allies and established the empire that his family still rules 700 years later.

Famous rulers

  • Zora II: She created the first charities and social programs within the empire, working closely with the poor for the first time. Generally, nobles did not intermingle with them and the poor were used as just above slave labor. Zora was the first to seek to raise her subjects out of poverty. She instituted the first unemployment payment system along with its regulations, created the first state run trade schools, and began the practice of higher education opportunities for enlisted military members.
  • Natalay I: Put down the first major rebellion within the empire after her husband went mad. He started a holy war with the former citizens of Braca, one of the former allies subsumed into the empire. Her use of the first flying Ilyannoi set the template for dealing with future wars and rebellions.
  • Svante III: Eoion's first and to date only great naval commander. The largest body of water is to the south and thus controlled almost exclusively by Yzel. Svante looked to the west and north, capturing the scattered island nations and adding them to the empire. This allowed for the construction of the first naval bases in the waters surrounding the empire and brought their navy into a more competitive position to their rival.
  • Timof III: Husband of Natalay I. He began a holy war, believing that the former citizens of Braca were praying to a dark god in order to destroy the empire. His actions against them led to a revolt that nearly split the empire.
  • Katarin II: Believed her husband and half of her children were conspiring against her and due to this suspicion, she had them killed. This caused a disastrous situation for the dynasty as the secrets of Ilyannoi creation were almost lost. Two of her children managed to get away and hide with other relatives until she was killed.
  • Karim I: He became convinced that the Ilyannoi he had created were becoming disobedient and turning on him. This led to his abuses of them and he became the first, and to date only, Shiroko to be killed by his own creations. He is considered the worst of the family line.

Current Ruler: Taras Shiroko I


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