The Thunstrada have become a religious pantheon despite their origin as a group of powerful wizards who claimed to be able to control the weather, including the magical storms that rage off the coasts of Laerdt'nah. The Thunstrada existed before the Great Borean War, though they were largely based out of what is now Leaait's western deserts.   The Thunstrada were borne out of a history of magical teachings and education in the Vetran culture. Many Vetran settlements were centred around the magical education of their children, using their abilities to thrive in an otherwise inhospitable place. Vetra itself was home to at least a dozen well established schools for magical studies, including the Galvaskola, the main university that focused on intense and complicated studies of magical properties and powers. Despite their significant power, the Vetran people were exclusionary and interacted with the outside world very little.   The few written histories of the Thunstrada state that they were the primary wizards of the Galvaskola, and they decided that Vetra should share their magics with the broader world. To show their power, and to demonstrate their abilities, they are said to have had created "walking wonders unknown" and to have "boiled the very seas". They began to travel from nation to nation, stopping at education institutions and courts to establish trade routes, educational exchanges, and other agreements with those peoples. The Thunstrada travelled for twelve eochs, before returning to Vetra.   Their return to Vetra was the beginning of the end for both the Thunstrada and Vetra as a whole. Upon returning, they discovered that new wizards had taken their place in the Galvaskola, and the people of Vetra refused to honour the agreements they had made. Worse, their creations had grown restless in their absence and had attacked and fled villages. Little else is known about what happened in Vetra after that, but the Bradpein Shelf was sundered less than a year later and trade expeditions sent to Vetra, aligned with the signed agreements, found no evidence of any human settlements and only scraps of knowledge among nearby Endref towns who had very limited trade with Vetra beforehand.   Because of their travel throughout Laerdt'nah, and their demonstrations of power, the Thunstrada began to be deified by those who did not understand magic. Soon, small cults and sects began to appear which praised different members of the Thunstrada as near-gods. Many of these cults and sects rose and fell with the passage of time, but some grew stronger and remain throughout the land. While most are harmless organizations, the Thunstrada became a pantheon of gods for one organization: the Giejadei. The Giejadei believe that the Thunstrada were the reborn godlings walking on the land, and that they were trying to tell everyone that they too could become godlings with enough work and magical ability. The Giejadei, where it remains legal, has worked to threaten and violently convert others to their ways, trying to force people to be amazed or cowered by magical powers and to become subservient to powerful magic wielders.
Religious, Pantheon


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