The Frozen Empire

"remember it? of course, I still remember it! I remember everything! the pain, the death, the camps...what I did. It's all I see at night... the horrors I committed in her name, for the "empires glory". Bullshit."
— a former Ewa Siimr
  Currently, the Frozen Empire is the longest-running and most powerful empire in history, lasting from 51 to 577, just over 550 years.  

History as it is publically written


How it all Began

The empire first begin up north where Greenwood currently holds territory. In the chaos after The Great Forgetting people looked to the Elementals for guidance, only to find them leaving as well, locking themselves away from the rest of the world till the memories of them faded like everything else. All but Frost. She stayed and provided guidance to those who asked and in return the people made her their ruler.  

A Time of Prosperity

These first years the empire flourished, developing and progressing much faster than any around it could hope, becoming the center of trade, commerce, and culture. In 115, the royal family grew, much to the publics' joy. This was their time of peace. they even had the most cutting-edge magicians, scholars, and scientists working on progressing their talents and skills and teaching it to the rest of the empire through local, public schooling.   through trade agreements, outside treaties, and a general acceptance, over the years the empire slowly grew outward, any resistance was swiftly crushed and muzzled, maintaining the perfect, peaceful appearance.  

A Slippery Slope

521 was where things began turning sour. At this point, the empire controlled most of the north, from the western Lata line to the Eastern one along the Klæ, and it was pushing down past the Golden Mountain on most southern borders. At this point, any who fought against the empire was easily squashed and consumed. This was not concerning, it was empowering really. The more concerning changes were these:

The Disappearances

During this time people began disappearing, mainly those that showed magical promise. They would vanish from the streets, from schools, sometimes even from their own homes. Just gone without a trace. Any complaints, worries, or requests about them brought to the Ewa Siimr were ignored.

Avian Hunts

Out of seemingly nowhere, the Ice Queen, as the people now called her, called for every last Avian to be hunted down and killed. When asked, her reasons varied from treason to the simple fact they annoyed her now.
  Within a few months, freedoms began getting taken away. A curfew was implemented, education which had been handle so freely was limited to only what was necessary and only what the empire approved. Record keeping in all schools but especially magical ones were required to be reviewed by a government official.   In 530, the first Color Camps were built. At first they were constructed under the guise of being a safe place for advanced magical practitioners to go, but the fact that once they entered they would never leave really set people on edge.   Within 2 years, the horrors of the camps came to light. The whole empire went into lock down, a full martial state with the Ice Queen as a heartless, iron-fisted leader.  

Where there is Tyranny, there is Rebellion

Many groups tried to escape the Frozen Empire, and some even tried to take it down. unfortunately, in the end the empires might was far too strong and eventually crushed all contestors.  

The Citizen Separatists

The first official attempt at rebellion was organized and lead by a small group of 100-150 people in the west who disagreed with the way things were heading. It began with a bunch of formal letters sent to the government that were ignored. when diplomacy failed, the group tried to flee the empire only to be caught on its borders by the Ewa Siimr. The whole group was transported to the capitol and publically executed to send a message.

Crimonsion Coup

Around the same time, a group of magicians and sorcerers got together and raided the Red Color Camp, the largest camp centered on red magic. They attempted to overpower the guards and free the people imprisoned but failed to account for any magical dampening around the area. The whole Coup was dismantled and destroyed within a matter of hours, their bodies taken in by the camp itself, much to the horror of the locals.

The Blood Fighters

The next largest rebel group were the Blood Fighters. They set up bases along the outer border, receiving help from neighboring nations, including Tubl and Rashan tribes. These fighters focused on getting those with magical potential out of the empire before the Ewa Siimr took them to a Color Camp. They stayed active for 3 years, saving around 3,000 people according to the records. However, eventually they were discovered and defeated and all who were caught were executed on the charges of treason.

An Internal Revolt

In the year 562, a group of Ewa Siimr renounced their titles and attacked their own post in the west, attacking and even taking her own son, Diomettees Hook, the current leader of the outpost, hostage. Retaliation from the crown was horrible, sending thousands of men to completely abolish the rebellion. This is widely considered overkill. While their rebellion did little good in the area, the destruction provided the perfect opportunity for a combined Tublian and Avian assalt on the western border, making a devastating hit on the empire.

Eventual Downfall

In the end, all Giants must fall. In 573, a group which simply called itself The Resistance began, led by Jillian Ambroious, a close family friend of the Hooks. At first it began as a small mercinary group, attacking and disappearing at random, taking out outposts and liberating small cities and towns before fading into the unexplored wildlife. Their wisest move was keeping on the move and not attacking the Color Camps which were the most guarded places of the time.   These attacks were then aided by Avian Flocks attacking and raiding the border with fervance, forcing the defences to be spread thin.   The The Resistance slowly and sporadically pushed inwards, gaining followers and creating subgroups with each town they freed. By 577, Their numbers soared to the 10,000s as they stood right outside the capitol. What followed was a long and brutal fight known as The Battle Of Shattered Ice.  

A Lasting Shadow

Chaos reigned after its fall, the world descended into chaos. Different nations and groups struggled to fill the power void the empire left behind, leading into a new age commonly know as The Age Of Blood. Thousands fell, wars were fought and lost, coating the world in red. Whatever peace the empire commanded shattered, leaving behind confusion and pain.   Some attempted to reign in the chaos only to be slaughtered by those they wished to help.  

Magical fear

The queen had spread so many rumors and instilled so much fear of untrained and untamed magic in her people that even after the empires fall, the public was wary of it. Even now, magic is thought to be reserved for the elite and must be taught and culled. because of this the north is widely known as one of the most advanced and prominent magical nations, though they are masters in one type of magic only, the magic originally taught by their schools.  

Magical Expression

Others tend to go the exact opposite, specifically the west, when it comes to magic. After living in fear for so long, magic is finally celebrated widely by the people, used almost constantly by those who can.  

Cultural relations

Much of the South and West still blames the north for what happened, often refusing to interact without some sort of overarching and important reason. Unfortunately, the Elves receive the brunt of the anger for being the first to follow after the Ice Queen and staying by her the longest.
Geopolitical, Empire
Subsidiary Organizations
Related Professions
Manufactured Items

Magical Advancements

One of their values was discovery and experimentation, pooling common resources to learn more about the world around them including Magic and how it works. In their research, the Empire was the first to discover Arcane systems, Arcane Lines, and Liquid Magic .   These discoveries led to the creation of Color Camps where the method of cultivating and extracting Liquid Magic was perfected and employed, despite the effects on the person it was harvested from.  
"No, I'll talk about anything else. Anything but that....what those people did, what I did, will forever haunt me. I won't let them haunt you too.
— a former Ewa Siimr

Magic Spill

One of the shipments of liquid magic being sent from the camps to the Ice Queen spilled, creating what is known as today as the Naish luu. While seen as a catastrophe, this lead many scientists and investigations to further pushed their knowledge of what Pure Magic can do.  

The Queen's Insanity

Over time, as her decisions became more erratic the longer she ruled, many scholars believe the Queen began to go insane, driven mad by the strain it took to rule such a large nation. There is not much to confirm this, but some refer to her as the insane queen or the shattered queen. However, those who knew her report that her demeanor never shifted from the ice-cold, calculating guise she always wore.  
"No, I never met her, I was stationed along the western border, But I did hear rumors. Terrible, awful rumors of how she would stare directly into your soul with her piercing gaze. I don't think she went insane halfway through, I think we just go better at seeing it."
— A former Ewa Siimr

Her return?

The awful truth is that the Empire didn't fall because The Resistance beat it, but because during the final battle, the queen just...disappeared. People searched everywhere, but no traces could be found of her. It was like she vanished into smoke, slipping away before the final reckoning could be had.   Without her leadership, the rest quickly surrendered.   Still, there is always the chance she could return and take back what she had, and many think it will happen. They are wary of the mountain winds, of the deep ice, and violent snows of the mountains.   Some think she is hiding beyond the Northern Mountains, waiting to attack, other say she was swallowed by Eden, forever trapped. Other claim no one, not even the Ice Queen herself could survive the cold.  
"She's still out there, you know, waiting. Watching. People forget her skin was carved ice and her voice echoed like a crumbling glacier. Whatever she was, it wasn't mortal."
— A former Ewa Siimr


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You know, it's super ominous to come across a header that reads "history as it is written." It implies so much. Well done there. I particularly enjoy your discussion on magic here. The concept of a magic spill, and liquid magic in general is really cool and creative! Sorry it took so long to get this!

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