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Emaxus is currently undergoing a large entry into a new Age (and a large revision of the current Age). Consider this an active construction zone: things are moving around, getting changed, and the world's being reorganized. Apologies for the inconvenience!
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The Defiler's Shadow

In the earliest epochs of the world, there was a powerful wizard named Riktor. In the bounty and plenty of the Age of Rebirth, Riktor would grow to become a powerful Sorcerer-King and raise a great kingdom which came to control the entirety of the continent of Aitreas. Riktor was friend of Yamma, the Silver Dawn, and many of the other gods, and raised a beautiful, peaceful nation in their name. But in the devastation of the Reckoning, Riktor was one of the first to fall. And when the dust settled, Riktor returned to the World of Dead Gods, now a powerful lich named Krathum the Defiler.   He would once again rule Aitreas, building an Undying Empire. But he was once more cast down, and once more defeated, this time by a champion of the very god he used to consider a friend. His Undying Empire met its end, as did he.   But there were many, and there are still many to this day, who believe their Lich-God waits in another realm, waiting for the day when he will return once more and claim his throne. Sometimes these people are disparate cultists and crazed lunatics, but the most devoted and the most dedicated are welcomed into the last vestiges of Krathum's Undying Empire: the Defiler's Shadow.  

When The Light is Brightest, The Shadow is Darkest

Like the tide of the sea, the power and numbers of the Defiler's Shadow ebbs and flows. In the wake of Krathum's fall, and the Shadow's founding, they were powerful and feared. The newly settled and reclaimed portions of Aitreas looked out on the wastes with fear, knowing that Krathum's followers would not go quietly into the night. But as the light that broke Krathum's reign faded, so too did the shadow that it cast. When threats to Krathum's legacy are not present, the weaker members of the Shadow fade. But the core always remains, always scheming, always planning. And as the centuries trickle by, power and influence trickles into the hands of the Shadow's leadership.   Power and influence that will cast the Defiler's Shadow across Aitreas, and even Emaxus, once more.
"In the beginning of the world, He was there. When the Gods killed Gods and the Reckoning came, He was there. And in the ashes of the God-War, He was there. In time immemorial, He was there. And so it shall be, forevermore. But there are those who would seek to break His cycle. Those who would seek to defile the Defiler's legacy. Bring light where dark must rule. And so, we wait. In the shadows of their dreams and the shades of their forms, Our Defiler casts His silhouette and we act in His name."  
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    Secret, Occult


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