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Manifold Marauders, The

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The Manifold Marauders


The band known as the Manifold Marauders have been historically lead by one given the title of the Manifold Mistress or the Mistress for short who is a woman who serves the effective role of captain over the band of allied ships. The Manifold Mistress takes the helm of the largest and most magnificent ship of the fleet known as Maroon Mortality, identifiable by the red stain of the wood that makes up the entirety of the ship. In turn, each of the recruited ships has a sub-captain who divvies up orders under the banner of the Manifold Mistress using their own discretion to accomplish the current general goal of the band.


The Marooners have a strong sense of brotherhood among them, mutually acknowledging their company as a band of misfits and society's unwanted and thus refer to each other as family. In this way, they follow a community structure based on equal distribution of resources and democracy under their leaders.

Public Agenda

The Manifold Marauders follow a "family first" mentality where they work together to provide for the good of the fleet without much care for those outside the boundaries of their organization. This means that most of their resources are embezzled, filched and otherwise hijacked from those outside of the family, leading to the group being regarded with a less than positive attitude from the public eye.

Demography and Population

Individuals who find themselves as members of the Manifold Marauders are commonly wayward sailors, military veterans and port town civilians looking for a new and exciting perspective on life, however, anyone who does not feel welcome or fulfilled in normal society are welcome to appeal to the group for membership.


Not long after the founding of the organization, the Manifold Marauders took to occupying a sizeable island off the coast of tropical Phezari which they named Mizzentide Isle. To this day, the island is heavily guarded from any strange approaching vessels and houses a majority of the loot seized and distributed by the gang.

Foreign Relations

The Manifold Marauders, as a result of their independent lifestyle and ravaging ways, do not hold many positive foreign relations as most "civilized" societies view the organization as crooks united under one misfit banner.
Leader Title
The Manifold Mistress
Founding Date
2388 AF
Illicit, Pirate Crew
Alternative Names
Maroon Marauders
Leader Title
Head of Government
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Barter system
Gold and material plunder
Notable Members

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